Zinat and Omar’s Texan Love Story

Zinat and Omar’s Texan Love Story

From their parents being good friends to a chance meeting a decade in the future- this is the story of how two kids took it from acquaintances, to love, and then to their Nikkah.

The Meeting

Growing up in the same city, Zinat and Omar’s parents knew each other quite well- but somehow the two had never actually met one another.

It wasn’t until a decade later that they were introduced over dinner at Texas A&M University.

Zinat recalls, “In casual conversation, we realized we were both from Dallas, Texas and that we knew each other’s parents but continued to relish in the fact that we had no idea of each other!

And So… As They Often Do, the Love Story Evolved

Until, one day…

It was a crisp February evening when my brother took me to the W Hotel in Dallas where he said we would be going to his company’s gala. I put on a gown and headed off with him expecting it to be a night of networking.

My brother said we would need to grab badges to enter the gala but they were upstairs in his co-worker’s suite. When we got to the W, a lady had approached us (almost like she recognised us!) and offered to escort us to the suite since she had “the key” to get to the room.”

A Texan Proposal

“That’s when things started to seem odd to me…

Once we got to the room, the coordinator knocked and Omar opened the door!

As my brother and the coordinator walked away I was in absolute shock and realized what was about to happen!

I stepped into this beautiful suite that was adorned in fresh roses all over the room and pictures of us hung along the entire room. He got down on one knee and asked me the easiest question of my entire life!

After we revelled in the moment, I heard a knock on the door and I opened the door to my best friends and future bridesmaids along with both of our brothers just waiting to surprise us and see the ring!”

*Claps* Well done, Omar, well done.

Everything from the set-up, to getting family and friends involved, this is just the kind of thoughtful, romantic proposal we love to hear about!

Fast Forward >>> Wedding Planning  

Zinat and Omar chose for a traditional and cultural wedding, honouring their love through these five events,


  •         Holud
  •         Nikkah
  •         Mehendi/Sangeet
  •         Shaadi
  •         Reception/Valima

Classic Red

Zinat opted for a regal feel throughout the wedding and reception. Her inclination towards rich red hues meant a rose garden stage, complimented with fresh ivy and gold columns.

The Best Part

From little girl in awe of weddings, to a woman having her own, Zinat’s favourite part throughout the process was being able to execute the dreams and visions she carried with her from a young age.

And, to make things even sweeter, Zinat reminisces,  

“I became closer to my mother as we bonded about colors, settings, and just exchanging ideas.”  

*Awe. Heart-melt*

Pakistan Meets Bangladesh

Zinat and Omar didn’t just opt for the biggest designers, they were deliberate in celebrating their backgrounds and infusing their wedding choices with their own personalities.

Here’s how Zinat explains it,

“I wanted each of my looks to be variant and have their own story almost. Omar’s family being from Pakistan and mine being from Bangladesh was an opportunity to give an ode to each of our similar yet very different cultures.

The Outfits by Event

A fashionista herself, Zinat took us through the looks she opted for event by event.


Event Details on the Look
Gaye Holud “Traditional Bangladeshi yellow katan silk sari with accents of my favorite color pink on the borders and adorned pink flower jewellery straight from the shops in Dhaka
Mehndi Umsha by Uzma Babar had the perfect rust color peplum shirt and orange palazzo pants that was perfect to dance the night away!
Shaadi From the get go I knew I would want to wear red and be a traditional bride
Valima I wanted to wear something soft but stunning at the same time. Umsha again had my dream dress with a custom pewter gown with a gorgeous trail encrusted in crystals and pearls

Who Loves Makeup?

Everyone, right?!

Zinat, though, is a self-proclaimed “makeup junkie” so her hair and makeup vendor search was one of the most important tasks on her to-do list!

Luckily for her, “it ended up being the easiest!”

So who did she find?

Zinat raves about Jenny from JTorryArtistry. Hear it for yourself,

“She was an absolute dream! She is beyond talented and knows what is good for each face her style is bold yet she gives you a soft bridal glow. Prior to the wedding we worked out details of each look as we wanted every event to have its own style and glamour. She not only executed each look down to the “wing” but was also a very calming person to be around amidst all the wedding chaos!”

If that isn’t a glowing review (that works on more levels than one… get it??), I don’t know what is!

The Surprising Part

You know it was a good wedding when the “biggest surprise” throughout the wedding was how on time everything was!

And, Zinat says, switching from the guest to the bride of the wedding, you really get to experience love at a whole new level. Being the gracious bride she was, she shares with us her contentment in seeing such genuine love and happiness from all of her family and friends.

“It’s something I’ll never forget”

Listen Up Future Bride and Grooms!

Zinat has some (pretty good, may we add) advice for you,

“No matter how engrossed you get into the planning always remember the whole point of these elaborate ceremonies and parties are to celebrate the love between you and your future husband!

Oh, and definitely pack a sewing kit and keep calm through those little last-minute mishaps. Would it be your wedding day if a button doesn’t unstitched off your blouse or your nath falls mid cake cutting? (true story). Stress reflects in your pictures and videos- you don’t want anything but a smiling and glowing face documented!”

And that’s how you have a wedding that’s centered in love!

Congratulations again on a beautiful love story and marriage, Zinat and Omar. We wish you both nothing but the best on your adorable journey from childhood family friends to hubby and wife.

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