Which Wedding Venue Best Describes Your Personality?

Which Wedding Venue Best Describes Your Personality?

Match the character description that is right for you and see which wedding venue is best for your personality!

1. Beach Nuptials:

People describe you as calm, easy-going and down to earth.

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For you, a ceremony overlooking the sea should be a top priority. The breezy sounds of the ocean will lift your hair and your spirits just the way you’ve always dreamed.

With a neutral colored mandap and rosy floral accents like a walkway of fallen petals, you and your husband will be fixed on each other the entire time.

Whether the reception later is inside a destination beach resort or the seating is in the sand itself, your family will think, “oh this is just like her to be married outside!”

2. Unique Cultural Setting:

Passionate, romantic and adventurous – you thrive on the idea that all our your guests will be whisked away to an intimate cultural experience!

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A Middle Eastern inspired theme would include red decor, carpets, ambient lighting, comfortable seating and live folk music. Your wedding will be talked about for years to come.

The infusion of a dreamy new culture will set the perfect mood for your first dance as husband and wife as well. Sparks will be flying!

3. Luxury Hotel:

Strong-willed but loyal, you are an extrovert with royal taste.

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This means you have a large circle of friends and family you need to keep happy! For you, your wedding is as much as a celebration for them as it is for you and your guy.

With your personality, you prefer a regal type decor including chandeliers, a 10-tiered cake, fancy food, a spacious dance floor, and walkway extravagant enough for your grand entry as husband and wife.

With royal accents in your lehenga, your guests will be ecstatic they dressed up for this!

4. Fairytale Castle:

As a sentimental person, you strive to live the life other people only dream of; to experience every stage of life wholeheartedly.

castle fairytale

To match your fairytale optimism you need large and dreamy architectural structures to act as the backdrop for all the wedding photos.

In between the ceremony and reception (when you’re not taking a moment to check if your happy tears smudged your makeup) you and your groom are the type to wander the property and admire its history together.

For this reason, you’ll be caught up in feeling part of something truly great on your big day.

5. Scenic Excursion:

People describe you as an authentic – little do they know that you’re a go-getter who can’t go a day without some fresh air!

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You spend your weekends hiking and your spare time out in the woods. You’ve taken each of your friends to a regional park or remote location at least once.

This is why place right-smack-dab in the middle of the mountains is perfect for you and your natural soul.

Whether it is a destination wedding in the amazon rainforest or somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, your heart is happiest when your body is one with the earth.