The Vancouver Event Planner Making Couple’s Wedding Dreams Come True

The Vancouver Event Planner Making Couple’s Wedding Dreams Come True

In an age where Indian weddings are growing in size and character, planners like Harprit Patel, the founder of Vancouver-based Always and Forever Weddings, are the unsung heroes of the industry.

Her induction to wedding planning first began at her brother’s wedding nearly eight years ago.

“I was running around on the reception day, fixing the guest book, making sure the DJ was on time,” she said, “I never even got to eat but saw everyone else having fun.”

The hectic experience of managing a weeklong, 700-guest wedding for her brother gifted her with an idea. She knew indian families need someone to do what she did.

“Wedding planning really fell onto my lap,” she said cheerily.

Experienced vendors she first approached said the idea was fruitless, especially for Indian weddings where families often make a conscious effort to assist loved ones.

After a determined attempt to pull off her first wedding, an outdoor extravaganza with 400 guests, serviced by several top vendors in the industry, Patel was hooked.

“Wedding planning has never felt like work to me,” she said, “I really love what I do!”

All we want is to go the extra mile to make our clients and their families happy.

During her first year planning weddings she was working in the human resources sector and would take on clients for free.

This year, in 2017, her team of event specialists will accompany her to more than 30 weddings, several of those being events in destinations like Mexico and Jamaica.

The tenacity it took to first break into the industry as a planner, Harprit now uses on the weddings themselves. She admits that wedding vendors and planners in higher demand are the ones whose work is their passion.

“All we want to do is go the extra mile to make our clients and their families happy.”

Work Of A Wedding Planner

“It can be everything and anything. Imagine what a bride and groom do for planning and booking vendors, we take that and put it on ourselves,” she explained.

Beyond all the scheduling and timeline duties, wedding planners also have the ability to negotiate discounts with potential vendors and suppliers.

Always & Forever Weddings gives clients the option to hire the team for solely the day-of, or to walk couples through the entire 5-6 month long process of planning and managing the overall processes of the big day.

Latest Trends In The Industry

“Couples want to make their wedding unique, the planner said, “and they don’t have to spend thousand and thousands of dollars to add personal touches,” explaining that little additives can significantly enhance the overall guest experience.

“Add something that really describes you as a couple,” she advised, including adding your favorite scent to your wedding venue or personalized monograms to decor and drinking glasses.”

She especially recommends freshly bloomed flowers and beauty supply favors in the venue’s washrooms.

“It can really make the whole wedding,” she said.

Harprit also has a vested interest that her clients spend their money consciously.

Instead of spending thousands on a cake for a family without a sweet tooth, she suggests couples consider purchasing an hour of breathtaking entertainment or other experiences that have the ability to significantly improve the event.

“It’s because clients are like family to us,” she said. Harprit and her talented team keep in touch with many of the wedded couples long after the wedding date.

“It is a special day, a wedding, the couples deserve nothing but amazing customer service and the highest level of excellence,” she finished.