The Ultimate Eight Flattering Lip Colors For Every Bride

The Ultimate Eight Flattering Lip Colors For Every Bride

Traditionally, the color red is associated with bridal lipstick but in this day and age brides are seeking bolder makeup choices. For this very reason, we've compiled the most flattering lip colors for any bride.

A bride’s main considerations before choosing her wedding day lip color should be: Does it complement my bridal outfit, eye makeup and my skin tone?

1. Bombshell Red

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Shades of red and wine go great with South Asian skin tones. This color is a stunning statement to go along with a bride’s wedding outfit, especially if she is choosing to don traditional red.

2. Blushy Nude

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A lot of brides during their reception and mehendi ceremonies, have opted for a lip that is not quite nude but not quite pink! This blushy color can accent the bride’s eye makeup and the natural beauty of her in an elegant wedding outfit.

3. Deep Wine

4. Mauve Pink

Pink is for brides who want to look pretty! This fun color can add a pop of playful beauty to almost any colored outfit, especially those lighter and more shimmery colors brides have been known to wear.

5. Soft Plum

6. Cinnamon Brown

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Shades of brown on a bride’s lips say something so special about her. Many makeup professionals shy away from using lighter nudes as they are said to ‘wash out’ brides in their wedding photographs so brown is a great option.

7. Barbie Pink

8. Neutral Brown

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