Setting the Date: The Pros and Cons Of Each Season For Weddings

Setting the Date: The Pros and Cons Of Each Season For Weddings

Choosing the right season to host your wedding is a crucial. We've prepared a list of pro's and cons and photo sets amongst the seasonal elements to help you decide.

A Spring Ceremony

Spring, particularly the months from March to June, can offer some of the most beautiful grades of blooms for floral arrangements.

Though the season is famous for sudden downpour especially on the western coast of Canada and the United States.

Con: It could rain on your big day and all your outdoor photo plans will be foiled.

Pro: Weddings in this season give couples a chance to wear bright colors! There are many pretty, blooming flowers to pose with during this season.

A Summer Wedding

Summer is without a doubt, the most popular season for weddings. The month of June being the highest in demand for booking vendors and venues.

It allows couples to stay outdoors late, pose with fireworks and a wide variety of other options.

Con: The heat, especially in places like India, can be messy and overwhelming.

Pro: The bright natural light the summer sun provides makes for immaculate wedding portraits!

Festivities In The Fall

Fall is another beloved season in terms of booking vendors and getting guests to R.S.V.P. The autumn outdoors adds a natural aesthetic to your wedding photos.

Pro: The warm and cozy color palette of autumn including crimson reds, browns oranges and gold, is always a guest favorite!

Con: Near the end of Fall leaves and lusciousness on the trees are lacking for a wedding backdrop.

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A Winter Wedding

A winter wedding can cost significantly less than any other season, mostly because vendors and services you book will be much less in demand during this time.

Though, winter is a time for great elegance and royal aesthetics.

Con: Photo options are limited to places you can walk and stay warm in.

Pro: If you’re willing to brave the elements, photoshoots in the snow are unparalleled!