The Perfect Spring Wedding: 5 Things You Need

The Perfect Spring Wedding: 5 Things You Need

A Spring wedding brings to mind sunshine, blooming flowers and beautiful pastels. The picturesque months also symbolize new beginnings, attracting brides and grooms to start their happily ever after in the beautiful and meaningful season.

If you’re among those that dream of flower gardens, the fresh aroma of the season and taking advantage of the full palette of colours surrounding you, we’ve got just what you need. Welcome to The Perfect Spring Wedding: 5 Things You Need.

Take Advantage of Mother Nature

Spring brings with it some of the year’s most beautiful gifts that you can incorporate into your bouquets and décor. The season offers such beauties as; tulips, peonies, hyacinths, cherry blossoms, lilies, lilacs and daffodils. Ask your florist and decorator to use these seasonal gems throughout your events for their aroma and their stunning aesthetic.

Not only will they bring everything together in a traditional Spring theme, but choosing in-season florals will also be fresh and budget-friendly.

Matching Drinks

Keep yourself and your guests replenished with cute drinks that compliment your choice of season. While you may want to keep your food choices cultural, you’ll more than likely have free rein when it comes to your drink menu.

White-Wine Sangria with Seasonal Fruits

This signature drink will thoughtfully pair with your Spring theme. And, being the classic that is, it will be a fan-favourite.

Mango and Watermelon Alcoholic or Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Whether you choose to make mango and watermelon martinis, or keep your drinks virgin, these fun options can add keep your guests hydrated and the ambience of your events light and fun.

Pay Ode to the Season

As the couple of celebration, you can make the most of your Spring wedding through your choice of clothing and fabrics.


One of the most sought-after perks of a Spring wedding is the choice of wardrobe for you and your partner. It’s the season in which you can keep it as light and breezy or as floor-length and formal as you’d like without the fashion-police raising a flag. Regardless of which direction you go, remember, pastel colours say “Spring!” like no other.


Table cloths, back-drop décor and decorative umbrellas. This is your chance to layer and combine fun patterns like stripes and polka-dots or colours like pink and orange to create pops of detail in and around your events.

Season Appropriate Favours

There are so many great wedding favour options that you can choose from in the Spring months. With nature as your inspiration, consider the following favours that will let you and your guests gracefully experience the season’s full-bloom for themselves:


  1. Skip the usual center piece, and let your guests take home mini potted herbs.
  2. Keep the garden-theme going, by supporting a tree-planting organization for every guest in attendance.
  3. Personalize packs of seeds or even bulbs that your guests can plant to commemorate and let your big day live on through lovely flora.      

A Backup Plan

We can try to deny it, but the reality is that it’s difficult to predict the weather, and that is especially true in Springtime. So, planning a spring wedding takes a bit of proactive thinking and preventative measure to ensure that you’re getting the most of the weather- and not the other way around.

We’ve compiled five of spring’s biggest concerns and their solutions.

Here we go:


Concern Solution
Rain! Make sure your rental company has a rain policy and choose venues with standby coverage if needed. Plus, makeup protector and umbrellas can be your saving grace.
Mud Pack a stain remover for clothing and extra shoes just in case. If you must wear your heels through mud, heel protectors can be a game-changer.
BUGS! If it’s outdoors, keep repellent abundant, ask your florist to keep it bug-friendly and keep scents like perfume to a minimal.
“It’s too Hot” Keep your hairstyle versatile in case it needs to be pulled up and offer personal fans or even cold packs to guests.
“It’s too Cold” Keep shawls on hand that you can distribute to wedding guests and consider a fire pit that works with your décor.

And there you have it, tips for your perfect Spring wedding. Happy Planning!