How To Eliminate Your Wedding Planning Stress In Five Simple Steps

How To Eliminate Your Wedding Planning Stress In Five Simple Steps

It's the big day, months and months of planning finally become tied together to bring your ultimate vision alive... the sun is shining and birds are chirping, but wait, something is amiss!  

These aren’t the tablecloths you picked. The flowers are purple, but you’re sure you said pink, or did you? Who is in charge of getting the marriage license signed?

If you’ve been a bride you know what I’m talking about and if you are yet to walk down the aisle, you will soon understand! The stress of planning a wedding is tedious but can be lessened with a few tips and tricks.

After helping my sister plan her beautiful and seamless wedding, I knew what I would need to do when it came time for mine. Fast forward five years, we dusted off our planning books and got right to it.

1. The Timeline

The most important tool during the planning process, your timeline allows for a visual layout of the week of the wedding. When creating the timeline, it is important to dissect each and every day, include important phone numbers and names associated. A sample timeline looks like this:

The timeline should reflect the flow of the behind the scenes so that vendors and coordinators know what should be happening. Having a timeline can allow you to break apart time frames; the time between cocktail hour and dinner?

2. Delegate

It takes a village to put together a wedding, no matter the size. When friends and family say they want to help, you should definitely take them up on it.

Not only does delegation take things off your plate but it allows for others to feel more a part of your special day. Break down each event and the items or tasks at hand, ensure that they have a list of what they are in charge of.


Examples Of Good Delegation:

  • Marriage license with pens & witnesses!
  • Ensure the card/gift box is taken care of (you don’t want someone walking off with this).
  • Items necessary for the ceremony are readily available
  • make a list for each event and put the items in those boxes, if they need to get transported make sure someone is in charge of that!
  • Have different coordinators for each event, they will be your eyes for that event. These coordinators should know the ins and outs of the event; caterer, decorations, program, etc.

3. Communicate

When planning a wedding, the opinions start to add up and it can become challenging to work through them, especially as the bride. It’s your special memory and only you will remember five years from now if something didn’t go the way you wanted – sometimes its okay to say “No!”

The hardest realm of communicating can come when working with vendors, some want nothing but to make your vision come true but some can try to push their ideas on you. Again, if its not what you want then it is important you communicate that.

Plan meetings throughout the planning process so you can share your vision to others. As you get closer to the event, share your final timeline with everyone, especially vendors, to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Don’t let the planning get bigger than your day! Enjoy each and every moment of the planning process, if you do, those will be some of the most memorable moments.

4. Get Ahead

No matter the size of the wedding, big or small, there are always tasks that add up. Whether they are D.I.Y. or finalizing logistics, get them done ahead of time. The farther out you finish up tasks, the easier it will be.

Before you get your invites, double check your guest addresses and get your labels ready. Do this so as soon as your invites arrive.

Wedding favors, with the numerous events and traditions, can be a gargantuan task. Keep the items ready in a basket or boxes and labeled with their respective event.

5. Be Realistic

We’ve all seen the Pinterest pictures, the jaw-dropping floral arrangements and the ornate wedding outfits down to the grand entrances. Of course it looks beautiful and is dream-inspired, but for many of us, that’s not realistic.

Though dreams can become reality, they may come at a hefty cost. Comparing yourself to Pinterest brides or any bride for that matter can be pressurizing and even more stressful, use them as inspiration but find a way to make it work for you.

Don’t let the planning get bigger than your day! Enjoy each and every moment of the planning process, if you do, those will be some of the most memorable moments, aside from the big day itself!