10 Exquisite Mehndi Designs That Tell A Love Story

10 Exquisite Mehndi Designs That Tell A Love Story

Henna is a traditional and aesthetic experience for indian brides. These 10 used their mehndi designs to showcase their unique love stories thanks to henna artist Neeta Sharma.

 1. A Tale of Two Places

The bride and groom of this design met in the state of Arizona, known for its desert, cacti and grand canyon. They decided after the wedding to relocate to Lodi, California which is celebrated as grape country.

Further up the bride’s hands is a baseball design on her wrist which signifies her love for the sport.

2. Photographic First Meeting

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The groom met the bride when he took her photograph for her high school yearbook. The two connected later over their shared love of photography, displayed as a camera on the bride’s forearm and negative space in the lens which forms the shape of a heart.

3. University Sweethearts

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The bride and her husband met at The University of California Merced. The athletics team mascot is plain view on the bride’s right forearm. The rest is pure artistry with flowers, paisley shapes, vines and hearts.

4. Including Her Pet

This bride was sweet to include her pet in this bridal design. Beginning on her lower right forearm is an image of the dog’s face, and upward is its paws surrounded by intricate patterns.

The other forearm shows a cruise ship which tells the story of where her and the groom are going for their honeymoon!

5. Falling For A D.J.

A real life portrait of the couple is recreated on the upper left forearm of the bride. The exquisite patterns and swirls are thereafter interrupted with a confession of love for the groom in his preferred name, DJ Hans!

6. A Love Written In The Stars

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The bride and groom are customized here as silhouettes, staring into each other’s eyes, deeply in love.

They met at UCLA and the Bruins mascot on the bride’s right forearm signifies their time there. The large peacock design on her right palm signifies romantic passions.

7. Two Faith Backgrounds, One Couple

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The union of two faiths (Christian and Sikh) are symbolized in this design with rosary beads and a khanda. The bride asked for a lot of negative space in the rest of the design.

8. Theme Parks And Family Ties

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As you can see the bride and groom love theme parks! She relocated to San Diego where her she met her the groom who owns a 7-11 convenience store. The mother-daughter picture on her right forearm depicts the close bond they share, even through long distance.

9. Fusion Romance

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With a romantic proposal in Greece and marriage to a Chinese groom, this bride chose Greek columns on her right forearm and a Chinese symbol to honor both. Finally, she wears a symbol atop her left palm as she is proud to be a doctor!