8 Steal-Worthy Hand Poses For Your Bridal Photoshoot

8 Steal-Worthy Hand Poses For Your Bridal Photoshoot

An Indian bride’s wedding album is not complete without portraits of her face. Hand poses like these are the surest thing to accentuate a bride's best features on her big day!

Though you can’t see the bride’s specific henna designs due to the focus on her face, the pose accentuates the excited facial expression of the wife-to-be!

With no bracelets on this bride’s left arm, she covers half of her face but her freshly painted henna is in full view.

This bride uses two hands to peek through to the camera, flashing her dazzling smile, as well as the decorative henna on her lifted arms.

With a uniquely floral henna design that covers this her hand, our eyes are drawn to the blue accents in her makeup, outfit and jewelry.

Here the focus is entirely on the bride’s henna. The image, converted to black and white, has been positioned in such a way that the bride’s hands are far from her face.

This rosy red bride hides behind her hands, creating a softer, bashful look for her wedding photo album.

With a bright backdrop of greenery, this bride uses the traditional pose to show off her intricate mehndi design.

This bride’s downward glance points us to the veil that she’s keeping hold of with her fingers, and the exquisite henna and jewelry that adorn her.

Whether you chose the hand pose that covers one eye, your forehead, or one that frames your face and smile, these eight hand poses are definitely worth recreating for your wedding album.