South Asian Jewellery Inspo: 10 Inspiring Bridal Looks

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South Asian Jewellery Inspo: 10 Inspiring Bridal Looks

South Asian jewellery is among the most regal and ornate in the world. Our culture brings with it a rich tradition of jewels that our brides so beautifully wear for their weddings.

South Asian jewellery is so widely recognised in the world, that most of us could probably spot a bride from her jewellery look alone.

Everything from the colorful choora to the delicate nath and the bejeweled matha patti, these ornaments not only bring an accent of majestic decadence to the ensemble, but they also have their roots in cultural symbolism.

Bridal Jewellery and the Indian Culture

Outside of being tools of adornment for the bride, jewellery is also known in Indian cultures to be gifted as per tradition to solidify family ties.

Materials like gold, silver and other jewels have also been handed down generationally through the years as an investment for financial security during hard times.

Plus, as we know, various components, such as the tikka and bridal choora, hold strong cultural relevances, binding brides to the values of previous and current generations.

Regardless of what reasons we prefer behind our jewellery of choice, I think we can all agree that when we put a stunning set on, our outfit finally feels complete.

The Top 10 Bridal Jewellery Looks

So, come along as we explore some of the most gorgeous South Asian bridal jewellery looks.

P.S. We’ve sorted our top 10 picks into Modern, Traditional and Colorful, for your browsing ease.

Modern Jewellery for the Indian Bride

1. This 3-stringed necklace features dozens of delicate pear-shaped diamond solitaire drops.

The result? A stunning display of royalty – and the necklace of choice for Bollywood star, Priyanka Chopra, during her wedding reception.



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2. Depending on the lehenga it’s paired with, this jewellery set could be considered either traditional or modern.

But we love it so much just as it is in this photo, that we’re going with the modern theme. Featuring kundan-style work and a contrast between heavier pieces on the head and a lighter choker around the neck, this is perfect for the accent blouse.


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3. Paired with minimal additions, this statement necklace is sure to make some heads turn. Especially designed for this bride, the pattern is unlike any you’ll see at your local jewellery store.

The large ring and bejewelled headband some together beautifully to complete the look.


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Colorful Jewellery for the Indian Bride

1. This piece is for the bride who wants to be both trendy and contemporary.

The stunning combination of circular and rectangle shapes and color palette that effortlessly combines blues, reds, gold and greens means that this set isn’t just for that one outfit. This head turner can be paired alone or together with its earrings for a gorgeous, modern aesthetic.


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2. Emerald green has to be one of the most flattering colours on the spectrum of South Asian skin tones.

Somehow the color simultaneously says ‘sophisticated,’ ‘regal’ and ‘modern.’ This awe-inspiring necklace is so prominent that it can be paired with any outfit (ethnic or otherwise) to make a gorgeous statement on Indian craftsmanship.


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Traditional Jewellery for the Indian Bride

1. Made with gold and a hint of green, this piece masters the ‘traditional’ aesthetic of South Asian bridals.

What makes this necklace even more incredible is the subtle accents of pearls that are sure to make any bride feel like royalty.


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2. This stunning bride epitomises the culture of ornate jewels with her combination of head (tikka), neck (haar), ear (jhumka), hand (mudari), nose (nath), and wrist (kangan) jewellery.

Every piece is beautifully orchestrated with the next and the overall effect is an absolute vision.


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3. Another Sabyasachi on our list, this classic choker is made from 22k gold.

The uncut diamonds bring a fascinating aesthetic to the necklace and are perfect for the traditional bride.


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4. This classic set includes earrings, a head piece and a nose ring and necklace for the complete look.

With a deep red, this jewellery exudes cultural beauty while maintaining a delicate feel.


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5. We kept the heaviest for last! The polki stone cut jewels bring out an aesthetic that plays off of regal Asia.

Together, each component of the set is heavily crafted for a full look and made to be an addition to cultural attire that’s also heavily embroidered.


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Alright, that’s our list!

We hope we were able to inspire you with this diverse selection of jewellery fit for modern, traditional, or color-loving bride.

With such a tremendous selection of jewels and styles out there, we especially loved these looks for the ode that they pay to South Asian culture, and of course, their undeniable beauty.

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