Set The Right Budget For Your Wedding In Just 5 Simple Steps

Set The Right Budget For Your Wedding In Just 5 Simple Steps

Setting a budget for a grand Indian wedding is tough, but it can be made simpler with these five steps. Ensuring you have enough money for the things that really matter!

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1. Research Typical Costs of Services

You can’t set a good budget unless you know how much things cost. There’s no point in allocating $1,900 for a photographer, only to find out that a decent photographer in you area charges at least $3,700.

Therefore, contact various vendors (caterer, photographer, bridal boutique, etc.) and get cost estimates before you allocate funds.

2. Discuss Options With Contributing Parties

Once you know who’s paying for what, it’s a good idea to get them involved early in the decision making process. Let them know the approximate cost and get an idea of how much they’ll be contributing.

3. Allocate Funds According To Priorities

Every bride has a different set of priorities. While some opt for an extravagant bridal lehenga, others go for a simpler outfit, leaving more funds for things like jewelry, photography, makeup, entertainment, etc.

Make a list of important items with associated costs. This way you’ll know how much money you have left for things that are not as important and can probably do without.

4. Negotiate With Vendors!

It’s easier to stay within budget when you bargain and score some deals from vendors!

Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts as many service providers expect their clients to negotiate.

5. Track Your Expenses

Sticking to your budget is a lot easier when you track expenses. Wedding costs add up quickly and before you know it, you’ve gone through more than half your budget and still have important items on the list.

Add a “spent” column on your fund allocation sheet to keep track of how much you have left over.

A wedding budget is a guide to help you plan the wedding you’ve been dreaming of. It’s not meant to make you feel guilty if you splurge. After all, it’s your wedding and it’s okay to spoil yourself on such a momentous occasion.

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