Raman And Tony’s Regal Ceremony Followed By A Glamorous Gala

Raman And Tony’s Regal Ceremony Followed By A Glamorous Gala

You know the wedding pictures are going to be good when both the bride and groom are fashion savvy individuals who know how to dress for the occasion.

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Raman met Tony when she was living in Victoria, attending the University of Victoria. Raman’s hometown friends decided to visit her during a long weekend in May and Tony happened to be in town at that time. They were introduced through a mutual friend and the rest in history.

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We asked Raman about her wedding.

What was the inspiration behind the wedding & reception theme?

Tony and I are both very detail oriented and particular with what we like.

Therefore, going into the wedding planning process we knew exactly what we wanted. We chose vendors who saw eye to eye with us. We wanted 2 completely different themes for the wedding and reception.

For the wedding we chose a very rich and regal theme. We wanted it to be timeless because wedding pictures are forever. For the reception, we wanted more of a glamorous black tie affair. We were both very happy with the outcome.

What three elements of the wedding were most important to you when you started the planning process?

Music, food, and of course our outfits.

The music is what makes the party. Both of our families love to dance. We chose none other than Decibel because we knew they would deliver. They definitely went above and beyond our expectation. Our friends and family had an amazing time.

Before we even began our wedding planning, both of our parents were already discussing the food and looking into different vendors. The food is definitely a staple. “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” -Virginia Woolf.

Tony and I both LOVE clothes. Therefore, the wedding week wardrobe was very important to us. We wanted to look our best during the most photographed days of our lives. I had my reception outfit picked out 3 years ago. For my wedding outfit I knew I wanted something royal and regal. I wanted both of my looks to reflect my style and personality.

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What was the most fun part of the wedding?

We’re both very family oriented and come from big families. So having our relatives from near and far with us to celebrate our wedding week was priceless.

What was the biggest challenge when it came to planning your wedding? How did you tackle it?

It’s easy to get caught up in the small details. It’s good to take a step back and think back to the reason you’re doing all this.

You’re beginning a new chapter with your husband (or wife) and that is far more important than the small mishaps. Tony was great at reminding me of this when I would stress out :).

What, if anything, was the biggest surprise on your wedding day?

I don’t do well with surprises, so luckily there were none!

What advice would you give to newly engaged couples about wedding planning?

Remember to enjoy your wedding week because it goes by way too fast!

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