Quirky Wedding Invitations – A Mumbai-Based Artsy Approach To Invites You’ll Love

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Quirky Wedding Invitations – A Mumbai-Based Artsy Approach To Invites You’ll Love

An invitation is one of the first introductions about your wedding to your guests. So, it’s only fair that it’s full of quirk and individuality!

Skip the a-dime-a-dozen approach to wedding invites and get inspired by these fun, illustrated invitation ideas designed by one of our favourite doodlers. When we came across her work, we knew we wanted to feature her for all of our future bride and grooms!

After all, when you’ve put so much effort into all of the other wedding details, it makes sense that your wedding invitations also echo the same thoughtfulness.

Enter Ranjani Iyergar, the mastermind behind Pink Whistle Man.

Wedding Stationary, Re-imagined.  

The traditional route of elaborate designs and traditional motifs is one way to go. But, if you’re dreaming about a little edge, an unexpected laugh and a whole lot of individuality when you announce your wedding, then Pink Whistle Man might just be your thing…

‘Pink Whistle Man’ is a graphic design studio that specializes in quirky and customized invitations for all occasions.

The Wedding Epiphany

From being a software engineer to working in marketing and consulting, Ranjani Iyergar  found her creative outlet through Pink Whistle Man in 2012. It was during her wedding (in the same year) that she realized a huge gap in the Wedding stationary industry.

She designed her own wedding invitation, followed by which she got orders from her friends and relatives. The company has gradually evolved into a fully functioning business to an award-winning brand (you go girl!).

So.. Pink Whistle Man, Is A Girl?!

Yup, so the name Pink Whistle Man is nothing but a tribute to Ranjani’s favorite character while growing up…Mr. Pink Whistle – A colorful and delightful little magical creature that brings in an element of surprise and excitement in each and every expedition that he set out on.

Ranjani hopes to weave in a  little (or big) surprise and magic into every special event of yours through her designs. The personalized brand emphasizes on creating something extremely unique for every couple by adapting to their design preferences and also making sure that the invites (or stationery) have a keepsake or environmental value.

Her goal? To make Pink Whistle Man a one-stop solution to all customized stationery for any occasions.

How It’s Made: Pink Whistle Man Wedding Invites Edition

Ranjani’s designs are unique, innovative and fresh. You’ll also notice that she is not afraid to twist them up according to the client’s likes and add a dash of humor. She undertakes everything right from conceptualization and creation to completion and shipping of the finished invites and stationary.

The Creative Behind the Creative

Born and brought up in south India, Ranjani’s endeavor with the brand is simple- to ensure that each invite is for the keeps and not just thrown away after the function is over (or even a few minutes after it’s received!).

From coaster invites, elaborate game design invitations to plantable ones- the team has something that will appeal no matter how picky the couple -or the guests- are.

Working With Couples To Design Invites

Ranjani believes that trends have to do more with the extension of someone’s personality, and not something around us.

“All of our initial discussions with the couple before proceeding with the idea, involve figuring out their likes, dislikes, hobbies, personality quirks, etc. The majority of our focus is on the invitation having a unique utility value and it’s not just something discarded once the function is over.”


Her USP (unique selling proposition) is to create stationery that has aesthetic and intelligent appeal. Pink Whistle Man are the pioneers in the “keepsake” trend in the invitation design industry. (I mean, come on, the amount of invitations we have thrown is countless, right?)

The invitations are created in complete reference to the wedding, the couple’s interests and then loaded with humor, puns, and cross-references. And that’s how things like the monopoly board game invitation, a car toolbox invite, and plantable seed invitations were created. Imagine that- every single guest planting something using your invitation!

Ranjani has clients from across the country and also has a few from the United States, Australia, Hongkong, and Brazil.

Inspired? We were, too.

You can place orders and contact her at http://pinkwhistleman.com/

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