Pretty, Tall and Sweet—Cake Couture Just the Way We Like It

Pretty, Tall and Sweet—Cake Couture Just the Way We Like It

You know what’s amazingly delicious? Cake! You know what’s better than a regular cake? A super, duper tall cake filled with fantastic flavors, and a jaw-dropping design!

Cakes are a great way to showcase your theme, colors, love, and other interests. Plus, with a taller cake, your cake artist has more room to decorate, and you don’t have to decide on only one flavor!

Floral Delights

Fresh—or fake—flowers always look amazing on cakes, and with tall cakes, some tiers are completely covered or even separated by flowers. This is a great way to bring in your wedding flowers, and colors. Plus, these cakes look AMAZING.

(Image credits – JustCakesBC, PastryGuru, NeetsTreats, Perfect Endings)

Piped Perfection

Piping shows just how prodigiously talented your cake artist is. All the freehanded royal icing is intricate enough to make you go crazy. But not crazy enough that you don’t want to eat it. 

(Image credits – NeetsTreats, KupKakeTree)

Naked Cakes

No fondant, no problem! Naked cakes are a growing trend, and show what the inside of the cake looks like. Add a few flowers or decorations and BAM! You’ve got yourself a gorgeous masterpiece.

(Image credits – JustCakesBC, LadyAga)

Opulent Masterpieces

Everyone’s feeling like regal on their wedding day, so naturally, you need a cake to match. These fantastic cakes are tiered masterpieces, and the longer you look at them, the more in awe you are. The details are insane, and often times they’re brushed with gold leafing.

(Image credits – CakesByKrishanthi, NeetsTreats)

Fondant Flowers

Have you ever wanted to eat flowers? With fondant, you can! Fondant flowers are great for making an entirely edible masterpiece; you may not want to eat. This décor could even be customized in colors that flowers don’t normally come in, so your cake will be completely unique.

(Image credits – CrowthersCakeStudio, Caketown_Chefluis)

Pops of Color

If you don’t want a purely white cake, than these tiered wonders are for you. With color cascading down the side, or covering the full cake, it’s the perfect way to showcase your personality, and add some fun to the cake-cutting ceremony.

(Image credits – CakesByKrishanthi)

Winter Wonderland

If you’re looking to bring winter to your wedding without the cold weather, this tall work of art can offer the chill of winter, without the cold. It’s a win-win situation that you can eat after!