Posh Pink And Glittering Gold – Helen And Ravi’s Whimsical Waterfront Wedding

Posh Pink And Glittering Gold – Helen And Ravi’s Whimsical Waterfront Wedding

Two worlds collided in the most wonderful way as Jewish-born Helen and Sikh-Indian Ravi got hitched in style with five fanciful ceremonies and an amalgamation of cultures.

“Ravi and I met in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was visiting one of my best friends from university, and Ravi was visiting his cousins,” the bride said.

This led to a 3 year long-distance relationship from Helen in Arizona and Ravi who lived in Vancouver. Helen’s best friend ended up meeting her future husband that same evening.

Four Cultures, Two Weddings

The couple esteems both of their cultures, as well as each others, greatly.

“I come from two different cultural groups as well, and it’s always been important in my family to embrace both sides,” Helen said.

“From the experience of preparing and becoming married, we were actually able to learn how many similarities our cultures have!”


Her sangeet included live Sufi music, they had a joint maiyan and a Sikh wedding ceremony. Ravi even wore and suit and tie as Helen donned a gorgeous gold lehenga to their fusion reception!

“Both the granthi and the rabbi incorporated meditations and mindfulness moments into our ceremonies which made for such beautiful and memorable moments that we will never forget,” she said.

Feeling Loved On Her Big Day

“I don’t think I’ve felt more love than I did on that day than any day in my entire life,” the bride reminisced.

“To have both our families and friends present, people who flew in from all over the world, to be there for us as we made this commitment was a once in a lifetime experience.”

“It is overwhelming to see all these people you love from different walks of your life there to support you,” she said, “I’m still on a cloud from it 8 months later!”

Whimsical Waterfront Reception

The couple had a breathtaking reception at the Vancouver Convention Center. The massive ballroom overlooked the calm ocean waves and complimented the couple’s chosen white and gold decor and floral accents.

The five ceremonies required extensive planning on behalf of the bride and the groom. Helen expressed the best advice she ever received about planning a wedding came from fiance:

“Helen, these specific things may or may not happen during the wedding, but the one thing you know for sure is that you’ll marry me,” he said to her. She admitted taking that into account really helped her.

Her advice to soon-to-be brides:

“At the end of the day let go and enjoy every moment of the most important parts: your new, incredible partner in life and all the family and friends that are present to support you both in that journey!”