Hot Pink Bride Hosts A Five Day Wedding In The Luscious Outdoors

Hot Pink Bride Hosts A Five Day Wedding In The Luscious Outdoors

The week of Canada’s 150th anniversary, Sukhraaj and Harveer were married among the luscious greenery of Ontario's parks, taken through a horse-drawn carriage ride to a Sikh temple.

The bride, Sukhraaj, had envisioned a fairytale wedding since she could remember. She began planning her special day two years ago, after the love of her life went down on one knee to ask for her hand in marriage.

The couple first met at Niagara Falls while spending time in two different groups of friends. Their eyes met.

While the groom did not approach Sukraaj right away, later on in the night he sat next to her and the two have not stopped talking since.

Harveer’s proposal was a full-day event for the bride. After her daily gym class one Saturday, the bride was told by the front desk to proceed to the shake bar for a complimentary drink.

“The shake was given to me in a bag marked with my name,” the bride said. “Inside was a flower accompanied by a note that told me to go home and change and make my way to a spa in Toronto.”

After relaxing at the spa with a massage, the bride was given a second bag with another rose and note. This note told her to make her way to a rooftop patio in the city where someone special was waiting for me.

After a planned meeting with her sister and a limo escort to a beautiful park, Sukhraaj arrived to the sight of candles and spread out rose petals. Harveer’s first conversation to the bride contained only four words… “Will you marry me?”

The couple’s second wedding event, the Sangeet, also took place at a local park.

The outdoor touch coupled with a horse-drawn carriage entrance painted a truly magical picture and an explosion of colors and dances that escalated the party atmosphere in anticipation of the wedding weekend.

“The day of the wedding, I was just really happy to be getting married to the love of my life,” the bride said.

“At this point, I had spent countless hours planning our day so there was nothing left to do but enjoy the moment!”

The ceremony itself was indoors with the floor layered in all white to help the glowing cherry blossoms stand out, adding a delicate touch.

The event was capped off with treats for all the guests, courtesy of an ice cream truck playing its characteristic melody.