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“From a purely business standpoint, the return on my investment has been substantial. While it’s nice to gain followers and have your work displayed to a huge audience that Indian Wedding Buzz provides, what’s more important for me is turnover of that exposure, effectively producing high-quality leads that have led to real bookings.

Furthermore, these bookings are coming from numerous high-end markets, and I actually credit Indian Wedding Buzz for my being able to penetrate into the U.S. market and garner enough work opportunities to be able to meet the challenging application requirements for my U.S. work visa (being a Canadian citizen). I’ve gone from booking weddings in Western Canada alone, to booking weddings across North America, including the creme-de-la-creme of high-end markets including New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Atlanta, among various other markets.”

Michael J. Scott – Creative Director MJS Productions

Indian Wedding Buzz is a social savvy wedding resource devoted to South Asians. 

We value our audience and make sure that we’re connecting them with reputable vendors who are great at what they do. Therefore, we partner with select creatives and businesses who have a reputation for providing a great experience and best in class service.

As a partner, we have a strong commitment to delivering great results and value your hard earned marketing dollars. Therefore, we only brings clients on board if their content matches our high standards. 

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