Nitin and Divya’s Tropical Thai Affair

Nitin and Divya’s Tropical Thai Affair

After a chance meeting on a girl’s night out, a quick chat at the bar and the exchange of numbers, Nitin and Divya knew they had a special connection.

Life Changing Flight To Koh Samui

Nitin proposed with a surprise trip to Koh Samui after ignoring her for the day. He popped the question during their candlelit dinner on the beach!

“It was just us and the ocean. I was again in tears because it was so magical. I still remember the butterflies in my stomach from that day.”

Wedding Vision

When it came time to plan, Divya wanted a small destination beach wedding but “being Indian, that’s unrealistic…nonetheless, it was more than anything I could have ever asked for.”

Divya and Nitin decided to give each event a theme that reflected their lives together as a couple.

A “Sunset in L.A.” theme was used to welcome their guests to Thailand.

Since Nitin went to school in L.A., it was perfect. The bride stunned the crowed in a Preeti Singhal gold sequin dress, while the groom rocked a black sherwani style from Nine Styles.

The after party was 24-hours in Tokyo, since the bride and groom love Japanese food! The Mehndi was a Mediterranean theme – since their first date was at a Mediterranean restaurant in Hong Kong.

And a Royal Rajasthan sangeet showcased their love of Indian food.

The Big Day With A Traditional Thai Flare

The wedding ceremony had a traditional Thai flare since they got engaged there! With rich golds, reds, and orange, tones, the bride and groom left their guests speechless.

Divya wore a stunning maroon lehenga from Sabyasachi, while her groom wore a cream and gold sherwani from Siddhartha Tytler. Against a gorgeous green Thai backdrop, Divya and Nitin made everyone’s jaws drop!

Finally, the reception had a London theme since Divya went to school there. Her and Nitin’s bright blue and navy outfits complemented each other as they danced the night away with those closest to them!

Looking Back On Her Big Day

Choosing vendors and venues can be stressful, but Divya made sure she was on top of everything to minimize any problems.

“I am the type of bride that will make sure there is a back up plan, and a backup plan for the backup plan,” she said.

Despite the stresses, hearing everyone’s positive feedback and being wed made it all worthwhile!

“I was so relieved when it was over, and everyone came back to us with such positive feedback. They loved the food, décor, music, booze. I was so happy when everyone left with a smile on their face,” the bride said.

In true Desi fashion, Divya’s favourite moment of her wedding was dancing to Kala Chashma with her new hubby! They looked fantastic in their outfits and shades.

Advice For Brides-To-Be

Divya suggests having a ‘shadow,’ that’ll be with you all day, and can act as your personal photographer by snapping pictures with your own phone! But make sure the photographer knows who the most important people are, so they can make sure to include them in the most photos!

If you’re using a wedding planner—which is beneficial in destination weddings—make sure they handle guest relations so you avoid unwanted fees. Also, make sure your hotel reservations are done on-line so you have an electronic copy and can avoid any unnecessary headaches.

Make sure you’re comfortable with your make-up too. It’s your big day; so don’t be afraid to let your artist know if you’re 100% satisfied with your look!

Finally, “don’t be stingy with light and sound. It will make or break your event. Pay that extra and make sure the sound system is fantastic. Booze, entertainment and music is what makes the party – so don’t go cheap on these 3 things.”

“Do not waste time on small issues or annoyances, take a breather and move on. Handle everything very diplomatically and with a smile. They will certainly value and respect you after. You will also have a much better time,” she finished.