Legendary Couple Climbs With Photographer To Wed On Mt. Everest

Legendary Couple Climbs With Photographer To Wed On Mt. Everest

A California couple braved harsh weather and high-altitude sickness for the world's first and most breathtaking wedding on Mt. Everest.

Ashley Schmieder and James Sissom exchanged wedding rings and their vows at the Nepalese basecamp of Mt. Everest.

The California couple and their thrill-seeking photographer Charleton Churchill, braved weeks of freezing temperatures and days full of trekking to capture the world’s first marriage on the snowy peaks.

“We worked hard for these images with much less time to photograph a short wedding than we planned,” the famed photographer mentioned in a blog post, “It started snowing hard a few days into the journey.”

James and Ashley spent nearly a year planning their grand nuptials before arriving at the 17,000ft above sea level base camp.

It took them weeks to acclimate to the extreme weather conditions and arrive at a most risky wedding destination.

Because of the groom’s high-altitude sickness the night before, the couple only had less than an hour and 30 minutes to get married and back on a helicopter to safer ground.

The brave couple posed in their wedding outfits until their hands froze and coughs worsened.

Even Charleston, an experienced mountaineer, faced a bout of food poisoning and sleepless nights on unforgettable trip.

The photographer captured unparalleled images of the bride and groom. The lively newlyweds climbed uneven terrains and posed in wedding attire amidst gaping glaciers and other extraordinary environments.

Charleston first mentioned the idea of a Mt. Everest wedding to the couple.

“Congratulations to our couple, James and Ashley. A truly epic and rare wedding that will go on the books as one of my favorite weddings of all time,” he said.