Indian Weddings Past And Present: The Rise of The Audacious Bride

Indian Weddings Past And Present: The Rise of The Audacious Bride

Gone are the days of shy brides! Communities all over the world have ushered in a new era of indian women as the sole decision-makers for their upscale weddings.

Gone Are The Days Of Shy Brides

Brides were once shy at their weddings. They performed ceremonial acts with not so much as a word or a smile. Couples also held back their emotions, and affection, especially in front of the camera. Oh, how things have changed!

Indian weddings are now bold and expressive with emotion. Couples are posing in the most romantic ways together, kissing, holding and dancing like the newlyweds they are. A rising number of mixed marriages and fusion ceremonies allow various cultural elements to infuse many weddings with a unique flare.

Brides were once just the participants of their wedding but now they are often times the orchestrator of the entire event.

From Small Scale Ceremonies To Grand Affairs

Indian weddings in the 1970’s were small-scale gatherings, some with less than 10-guests that gathered in a lobby or house. Now, according to Forbes, the average indian wedding in the U.S. has 500 guests and costs an estimated $65,000.

The guest list has grown and so has the indian wedding! It is no longer a set of rituals that signify the joining of two families or the bride and groom, it is now a spectacle. One of epic proportions set in unique destinations, with choreographed dances, grand entrances, decor and displays by the bride and groom.

Many brides are trying to recreate and capture a Bollywood fantasy.

Beyond Red! Brides Experiment With Color

The traditional red lehenga, thought to signify romance as well as fertility and prosperity, is now a thing of a past. Though many brides still wear the color on their wedding day, many more are experimenting with blues, pinks and golds.

Even the length of the bridal lehenga is changing. Design experts say brides, more often then not, are adding Western elements or other fusion aspects to their bridal look including lighter fabrics and less heavy embellishment.

The indian bridal look has become more about the bride and her personality, what she wants to say to the world and what she wants to express, instead of what was handed down to her or thought traditional to wear.