Choosing The Right Makeup Artist For Your Wedding: 6 How To’s

Choosing The Right Makeup Artist For Your Wedding: 6 How To’s

Don't gamble with your wedding day look. The only way to ensure that your hair and makeup is done right is to hire a professional.

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1. Start Early

Many experienced bridal makeup artists get booked a year in advance (sometime even two years) so start your research as early as possible. The last thing you want is to find out that your top choice is already booked for your wedding date.

2. Make a List of Makeup Artists You Want to Approach

Many makeup artists showcase their work on social media, specially Instagram. Look through their portfolios and make a list of ones you want to approach. You can have as many makeup artists on the shortlist as you want but I encourage you to be selective.

3. Get Pricing and Availability

Contact each makeup artist on your shortlist to get availability and pricing. You want to find out the availability for obvious reasons but the purpose to get pricing is not to find the cheapest makeup artist on the block. You want the price range as a guide to stay within budget.

4. Book a Consultation

While it’s important to make sure that you’re within budget, you don’t want to choose your makeup artist on price alone. Schedule a consultation so you have the opportunity to ask questions, get to know the makeup artist, and share your vision for the look you want. The right makeup artist will make you feel at ease and share her thoughts on your vision. If you feel pushed then simply scratch them of the list and move on.

5. Try It Out!

You should be offered a paid trial to get a true sense of how the makeup artist operates and her talent. Take advantage of this trial and share your feedback honestly. If there’s something you don’t like then speak up as the makeup artist will listen to your feedback and make changes to your look accordingly.

6. Read and Sign The Contract

Once you’ve made your choice, put a deposit and reserve your date. Make sure to read the contract carefully and get clarification if needed.