How He Asked: Sunny And Karen’s Private Yacht Proposal

How He Asked: Sunny And Karen’s Private Yacht Proposal

Sunny Dhillon and Karen Brar got engaged on a private yacht off the coast of the Sydney Harbor in Australia. The groomsmen even added some fun bhangra moves to their proposal video!

Sunny spent five months planning every detail of the elegant proposal. He made sure Karen didn’t suspect a thing.

“I told Karen that we are going to my Annual Work Ball. Understanding how fancy Bank Balls can be, I organized Karen’s makeup, we bought her dress together and got her nails done,” he said.

The couple have known each other for 15 years, they dated for the last four. The two started out as childhood friends.

“To ensure Karen did not get suspicious about a proposal on the Ball day, I told her we had a cruise transfer to the venue,” Sunny said. He even went as far as planning a decoy trip to a Hunter Valley winery to throw Karen off his scent.

Red roses awaited Karen on the front of the boat.

Sunny organized a yacht, photographer and cinematographer to capture the romantic proposal. When he got down on one knee Karen was overwhelmed with emotions.

“The day went exactly to plan and she said yes,” the groom exclaimed.