Gurjeet and Jamie’s Gorgeous Red And Gold Fusion Wedding

Gurjeet and Jamie’s Gorgeous Red And Gold Fusion Wedding

The biggest surprise was definitely how quickly time flew by! It was the advice that we were given by all of our married friends and we didn't fully realize until it was over.”

Gurjeet and Jamie’s lovely wedding in Toronto involved family, food, fun and frolic, as you can see with the pictures. The bride takes us through the journey…

These two lovebirds met at school while pursuing post-graduate programs. “I moved to Los Angeles for a Masters Program and we were long-distance for 4 years.”

“I moved back to Canada a few days before Christmas last year and on our first full day together, Jamie planned a date day around Toronto to take me to some of our favorite places, places that we frequented when we first started dating.”

At the steps of Jamie’s old apartment, Gurjeet found a surprise glancing through the window. “When I turned around, he was on one knee! We were on the steps where we first kissed…We had a fairly short engagement, and were married in 6 months.”

“We wanted the wedding to feel welcoming, relaxed and elegant. While we are both very laid back, we are also very particular about visual style as we are both filmmakers, so the aesthetics were very important to us.”

The outdoor wedding was held at the bride’s parents’ home with the backyard providing the best way to incorporate the existing greenery into the decor.

“We decided to keep everything fresh and light with white flowers, and the surrounding greens really added to a ‘forest’ feel. The color theme for the decor worked really well as a contrast to all of the bright colors that were worn by our guests and of course, my bright red lehenga.”

The bridesmaids wore a combination of gold and ivory to complement the gold that the couple wore as well as in the decor.

For the reception, the hunt for a vintage Western style venue that could juxtapose with bright South Asian themed colors ended at the church which fit that theme really well.

“For us it was a visual way to express the coming together of our two cultures. I’m a Producer by trade so planning is kind of my thing. Connecting the dots and planning the logistics was actually a lot of fun for me. The tastings were fun too!”

The biggest challenge was the short engagement period. “We essentially planned our wedding in about 5 1/2 months. The toughest part of this was finding a venue that was available for our reception.”

“We eventually made some compromises on dates and decided on our venue.” Getting married in the summer of 2016 was most important as the excitement to begin their lives together as a married couple was high on the priority list.

“Have fun and enjoy this time, and don’t over think it! We also are so indebted to our family and friends for their help, so we would say- don’t be afraid to ask for help.”