Groom And Real-Life Princess Tie The Knot In A Mesmerizing Bangalore Affair

Groom And Real-Life Princess Tie The Knot In A Mesmerizing Bangalore Affair

Two high-profile families, the Ghorpades of Sandur royalty and Raje Scindia's, joined forces at the Bangalore union of their offspring Akshay and Krutika.

Akshay, an MTV producer based out of New York, is the son of Yashodhara Raje Scindia and Siddharth Bhansali. He met Krutika, the daughter of Ambika Ghorpade and Kartikeya Raje of the royal Sandur clan through a relative.

The moment he encountered her lively, fun-loving personality he was hooked. Some have said it was love at first sight. He spent the next year contacting Krutika all the way from New York City, hoping to get to know her more.

“One of the first things I noticed was the way she would laugh,” admitted the groom, “And it kinda made me wanna laugh with her.”

Great Gadsby Themed Cocktail Evening

Known for its luxury and luscious 20-acre garden, the Taj West End Hotel was the premier destination for the Bhansali-Ghorpade wedding.

After a colorful carnival-themed Mehendi ceremony, the couple hosted a Great Gatsby-inspired evening of cocktails, entertainment and whimsical white decor.

The bride even performed a fun dance number with her bridesmaids!

Bride And Groom In Sabyasachi Pink

Krutika was adorned in a velvety pink Sabyasachi ensemble with gold embellishments and jewelry. The groom complimented her colors by wearing pale pink couture from the same designer.

With over 600 in attendance, the guest list bragged of well-to-do names like Rajnath Singh of Jaipur, the royals of Kolhapur, Usha Raje Holkar of Indore, Baba Ram Dev, Aviation Minister Pushpati Ashok, Gajapathi Raju and various others.

An exclusive highlight reel of the wedding entitled, “When The Royals Bowed To Love,” has attracted mass amounts of attention with more than 151,000 views on YouTube.

“She’s very funny. She has a huge heart,” the groom said in the film. “At one point I just kind of knew, like you know, how could it get any better than this?”

The bride admitted she also “just knew” that marriage and life with Akshay was right.