Gorgeous Gota Jewelry For The Glowing Bride At Her Sangeet

Gorgeous Gota Jewelry For The Glowing Bride At Her Sangeet

Want your mehendi and sangeet looks to truly stand out? Gota jewelry, traditionally made in Pakistan, is the answer.

Its THE trend right now and these models in their fun gota pieces only prove it better. Get that traditional feel alongside modern flair with no effort at all!

Of course, you have to start out with some stunning mehendi in the first place but these exquisitely crafted designs here speak volumes to the designer’s skill and just look at how beautifully they transform the bridal looks in the next few images!

That gota cocktail ring catch your eye? Ours too, as did that sensual eye makeup done right.

Just the ring wouldn’t do though! That gota love has gotta go all the way now…take your bridal bold a step further with the gota jhoomers and tika too. Also, did we mention, colors!

The startling contrast of the gota jewelry to the outfit this bride wears is remarkable and a surefire head turner alright!

Easily carry your gota looks from daytime to evening and night events with this fabulous set that, quite frankly, nobody can resist a second look at.

Another great reason to choose gota: the patterns on the jewelry pretty much accentuate the intricate mehendi designs that are in vogue these days.

Can you tell this bride is one happy chica with all the gota action she’s got going on for her special events… simply glorious in gota!