Friends Turned Lovebirds – Sabha and Nasir’s Enchanting Texas Wedding

Friends Turned Lovebirds – Sabha and Nasir’s Enchanting Texas Wedding

High school sweethearts Sabha and Nasir met in freshman year but didn't start dating until they were seniors. His persistence eventually won her over after a few rejections.

“Rejections were never short to hear from Sabha in high school and college,” shared Nasir, “Perhaps the constant failure to close the dating game made me more persistent to find new ways to impress!”

“He was persistent…over time he became my best friend,” shares Sabha.

“He definitely never passed up an opportunity to ask me out but a few attempts and rejections later, I finally agreed. Since then, he has changed my world. Haven’t regretted a moment since!”

“I cannot express how extremely lucky I am to have her by my side. She is truly the other half of me. She was, is and will always be my best friend until the end,” Nasir said.

Sabha answered, “Is he the one? Absolutely. Does he make me happier than I ever imagined I could be? Absolutely. Am I excited to start this new chapter of marriage in my life? Absolutely!”

Pinterest was a big part of the inspiration of their wedding and reception theme. Sabha spent countless hours researching the ideas for decor and outfits.

“I wanted the wedding to be elegant but at the same time resemble the type of relationship Nasir and I have,” she said.

The elements of the wedding most important to the couple were upbeat music, good food, and the right outfits. But the funnest part was their dance practice!

The biggest challenge was getting the families from both sides to agree.

“We started with making sure that both of us were on the same page about a decision, and then taking it to the family members,” Sabha corroborated.

“This is your big day, and everyone will want to have input, but at the end of the day, it has to be a decision you both arrive at,” Sabha advises soon-to-be brides.

“Make sure you live in the moment on the big day. All that planning and effort is not worth spending the wedding day stressing about the small things,” she said.