Friends Surprise Chinese-American Bride With A Dream Mehndi Party

Friends Surprise Chinese-American Bride With A Dream Mehndi Party

Two loving ladies surprised their Chinese-American friend and soon-to-be bride, Kimberly Hu, with a mehndi party of her dreams.

“We had thought about what to get Kimi as a wedding gift over and over, and then I realized that the best gift would be to give her an auspicious experience of an Indian-style bridal shower and mehndi party,” friend of five years Sani, said to Refinery 29.

“She is a thoughtful individual who appreciates different cultures. I figured that the memories from this party would last her a lifetime.”

Hu, a 30-year-old who works as a VIP relations director, grew up in the globalized city of Hong Kong, surrounded by a significant mix of culturally diverse people. She even attended international schools in her younger years.

“What I really wanted was to take elements of what I experienced and carry it over to my own wedding,” she said, “And it was extra special when Amishi and Rina decided to throw me this party before our wedding.”

Her and her fiance first attended an indian wedding in 2015 where Kim was amazed by the sheer amount of vigor and exuberance the wedding celebrations amounted to.

Sani and Wadhwani hosted a small-scale version of a mehndi party in the form of a bridal shower. They decorated the Hong Kong Country Club with lush indian decor and treats.

Though she would never host an Indian wedding or bridal celebration own her own merit – she included Chinese rituals in her wedding – Kimberly was honored to be immersed in the meaningful cultural experiences of her two close friends.

The pair even had an indian photographer capture the bridal shower and henna artist decorate many of the guests’ hands with beautiful designs.

“We adorned her with accessories such as bangles, rings, a bindi, and flower garlands,” Sani said.

“These pieces are often gifted to the bride by her family members: It’s a way to decorate the bride and to make her look even more beautiful for her husband.”

Other non-indian attendees went out of their way to dress appropriately with handmade outfits from local tailors. An Indian mother-in-law of one of the guests even came over beforehand to help the group drape and pin their saris.

“In the end, it was just a great afternoon where everyone hung out and learned more about Indian culture,” Kim admitted.

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