How To Find The Perfect Indian Wedding Dress Based On Your Skin Tone

How To Find The Perfect Indian Wedding Dress Based On Your Skin Tone

Your wedding day is a day you've looked forward to for years, and one you've planned for nearly as long. Yet despite this, it seems there's always more to learn about what will be one of the most amazing days of your life.

Indian wedding dresses come in such a spectacular variety of shapes and styles that finding the right one for your body type is a task in itself. But what about your skin tone? That plays a much stronger part in your wedding dresses than you might realize, and you may find yourself with many more options than the traditional bridal red.

If your complexion is fair…

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Nearly every color works well and some shades work only for those of fair skin. With so many options, you’d do best to go for the colors which look best on you, like dark blues, bright pinks, and rich reds.

If you’re feeling particularly trend-conscious, royal or scuba blue are the colors to choose – or perhaps a bright tangerine, bold as far as Indian wedding dresses go but very up-to-date with the latest Indian bridal trends.

The rich marsala red also looks great with your complexion.

The trendiest colors in Indian wedding dresses may very well be too bright or rich for your tastes, and if you’d prefer something lighter, pastels in peach, pink, purple, and mint green are great to consider. Avoid tans and browns, though, since these look downright boring against your skin tone.

Overall, your complexion is in the ‘cool’ tones rather than ‘warm’ tones, which means that if you do choose cool shades (blues, greens, and purples), they will look much more fitting on you than they will on those with ‘warmer’ skin tones.

If your complexion is mid-range (or ‘wheatish’)…

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A mid-range complexion lends itself well to quite a few colors, but some do look better than others. Anything which brings out your warm skin tone is a great choice, from pinks and reds through yellows.

It’s especially worthwhile to look into Indian wedding dresses in marsala red, as this trendy color looks beautiful against your wheatish complexion. Otherwise, Indian wedding dresses in burnt shades of orange or yellow are also excellent.

While current trends lean toward royal blues and mint greens and these are by all means viable options, it might be worth it to sacrifice trendiness in favor of the true warmth lent to your complexion by the warmer tones. Whatever you do, though, avoid tans and light greys. Far from complimenting your skin tone, these are actually rather unflattering.

If your complexion is deep olive (or ‘dusky’)…

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You can rock the deep, rich shades like none other. Gold, dark purple, and rich reds look positively perfect against your skin.

Unlike lighter skin tones, silver, gold, and other metallic hues are viable Indian wedding dress options for a dusky complexion. These wedding dresses will add a unique sort of glow to your face, and they’ll make you feel like royalty in the process.

Beware of neons and other bright shades, however. These may have been passable on lighter skin tones, but they clash with your deep and lovely olive.

Of course, this is just a guide, not a rulebook. The world of Indian wedding dresses and other cultural bridal trends is ever-changing. If your heart is truly set on Indian wedding dresses of a certain shade or color, a little bit of advice to the contrary shouldn’t stop you.

If you’re not sure quite which range you fit into, try to discern whether or not your skin is a warm or cool shade. There are simple tests to determine this. For example, do you look better in gold or silver jewelry?

One thing to consider is your ability to accent and layer. For example, if your heart is set on deep jewel-toned blue but your skin tone is solidly mid-range, consider warmer Indian wedding dresses and instead supplement them with deep blue accents and jewelry.

You’ll have to decide for yourself whether the colors compliment or contrast as it’s not nearly as cut and dry as a monochrome color scheme, but it’s still very much a possibility to look into.

All in all, if you consider both your body type and your skin tone, you’ll find yourself with one of the many Indian wedding dresses which is absolutely perfect for you.