Fashionista Bride Designs Her Own ‘Once Upon A Time’ Disney Wedding

Fashionista Bride Designs Her Own ‘Once Upon A Time’ Disney Wedding

Maha Khan, a fashionista from New York, included elements from all her favorite fairytales to orchestrate a "Once Upon A Time" wedding with her groom Hanzila.

Enchanting Fairytale Mansion

“I wanted a venue that fit my theme and spoke for itself,” the bride said, “This venue was just that with its white floors, vaulted ceilings, and golden accents.”

The first venue the bride and groom looked into was Chateau Cocomar in Houston, Texas. They were sold immediately and did not tour any other locations.

“Everything inside Chateau Cocomar is imported from France and Italy and it truly looks like it’s out of a fairytale!”

Maha had an encounter with fate when she met Hanzila at the tender age of 17. The bride was taking a standardized college admissions test.

It just so happened that their friends had been already been trying to set them up.

Custom-Made Bridal Couture

“I wanted to keep my outfits very different from each other, while still being traditional but with a slightly modern twist. It was important to have it true to my personality yet timeless,” the bride said.

Custom couture designer Sehr Khosa, through the retail brand Allechant, crafted a unique style, color, shape, and cut for each event’s outfit.

Maha was mesmerizing in a Pakistani gown with royal embroidery and exquisite accessory additions.

Her bridesmaids dressed in gold and walked with posh European parasols.

Whimsical Disney Wedding Cake

“The upside down cake had a keyhole for Alice in Wonderland, a rose for Beauty and the Beast, a dusty blue tier for Cinderella, and mirrors which worked for Snow White and Beauty and the Beast,” the bride explained.

Maha and her decor specialists dreamed up a floral arch the cake hung on, large floral backdrops and rosy chandeliers to add touches of fairytale whimsy to the wedding.

Even the seating charts were arranged in chapters like that of a romantic storybook!

Sweet Carriage Surprise

A Cinderella-inspired carriage with a white horse, whisked the couple off into the night after their whimsical wedding ceremony.

The couple also hid sparklers, tucked away in the centerpieces, that went off as soon as the couple shared their first dance.

Metallic Medley Reception

The groom kept it classy with a dapper black and white tuxedo. Maha was a vision in a silver lace angrakha with various blue elements including her eyeshadow, high heels and jewelry details.

A velvet and lace veil completed her daytime ensemble.

“We had tons of metallic accents in the décor and cake since,” Maha said. Accents of gold were also included in the color palette of their stylish affair which made the bride’s look really stand out.

“Just be present in your wedding and take it all in, enjoy every bit of it because it goes by quickly,” Maha said to future brides.

“I kept that in mind and enjoyed my wedding like no other.”

May they live happily ever after!