Famous Singer Benny Dayal Marries Actress In A Stunning Silver And Gold Celebration

Famous Singer Benny Dayal Marries Actress In A Stunning Silver And Gold Celebration

Benny Dayal has stolen our hearts with his voice, hit-after-hit, but who stole his? Stunning actress and model Catherine married the singer in stunning silver and gold, Kerala fusion wedding.

Catherine and Benny in met in March 2014. “Being in two different parts of the world, I was pretty apprehensive of where this relationship would go, but I decided to give it a shot after so many mutual friends told me what a great guy he was,” the bride said.

Benny proposed at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, a special spot for Catherine.

“While we were talking, I was looking at the location guide to see what our next stop would be. Next thing I knew, he was down on one knee with this gorgeous ring in hand. It was intimate and absolutely perfect,” she recalled.

Their engagement celebration was held at the Stone House in New Jersey. The couple chose a vintage, Fall theme with hues of blush pink, gold, dark blue and green.

With Malayalee wedding events typically not lasting more than a day, the couple had their work cut out organizing three days’ worth of events for everyone to enjoy since many family members had traveled from all over the world for the nuptials.

The mehendi ceremony was a Moroccan themed evening.

“Our planners, Divya and Vithika, did an amazing job bringing that vibe to our venue. We focused our color palette on deep shades of fuchsia, cobalt blue, and ochre gold,” Catherine said.

Instead of a traditional sangeet, the couple hosted a pre-wedding cocktail night for guests.

“This is where we incorporated the father-daughter dance and the first couple dance along with a cake cutting,” she said.

The wedding day itself called for a Kerala vintage theme.

“We included our traditional colors of gold and ivory, but added hints of greens and gorgeous pink lotus flowers for a modern take,” said the bride.

Guests were welcomed with fresh tender coconut water in the shell while brass lamps and urlis dotted the entranceway. Being of different religious backgrounds, the Hindu and Christian ceremonies were held one after another.

The mandap for the Hindu ceremony was done in ivory and gold fabric with lotus, jasmine, and greens with a flower chandelier in the center. The Christian altar featured a beautiful archway outlined with flowers.

The biggest surprise was the companionship the Priest and the Pastor showed throughout the ceremonies.

“Both talked about the love and respect we should have not only for each other, but for our respective beliefs which allowed for a blessed ceremony,” the bride recalled fondly.

“We are looking forward to spending time together and to continue to keep pushing each other to new heights,” she said.

“Despite all the craziness, all the uncertainty, and all my mini panic moments… One thing I was certain of was that I was going to marry the man of my dreams,” she finished.