Extravagant Destination Wedding In Abu Dhabi That Will Leave You Speechless

Extravagant Destination Wedding In Abu Dhabi That Will Leave You Speechless

Fashion blogger, Roshini Daswani met the love of her life Raj, in December 2009 when both were in university.

“We grew very close and found each other as good support and motivation throughout university,” the bride recalled.

After a romantic proposal, the couple planned 9 magical events over the span of four days in Abu Dhabi.

Roshini even flew in well-known makeup artist, Tamanna Roashan of DressYourFace to create stunning bridal looks for all the events.


“My first occasion was in December. It is customary for my side of the family to come together and host Bhajans to seek blessings before commencing with the major wedding activities. For this event I went for an angelic look.”

Floral Fantasy Themed Mehendi

The couple’s first major event was a Floral Fantasy themed Mehendi celebration.

“I’ve always loved flowers and my husband has spoiled me with flowers every month when we were dating, so the theme only seemed fitting for a Mehendi,” the bride said.


The dress code for the event was pastel paradise.

“I love pastel colours and thought it would be a fun girly theme for the Mehendi. I already imagined my outfit and worked with Falguni from Falguni & Shane Peacock to bring my idea to life which she did brilliantly,” she said.


Arabian Themed Welcome Dinner

“That evening on the 19th, we had our Welcome Dinner. This was an Arabian themed event as my husband was born and brought up in the Middle East, also I feel he looks a bit Arab,” she said.

“This was also the first time some of our guests were visiting the Middle East so we wanted to deliver a taste of the local culture through one of our events.”

tent arabian

The bride wanted to look like a Arabian Princess, thus the amazing Shivani Awasty made her a black sequin-embellished gown. She wore an Abaya on top to complete the whole look.

“Tamanna Roashan, my makeup artist, completely transformed my face to fit the theme,” the bride recalled.

After Party

“My husband and I love EDM music. It was something we discovered and came to love together,” the bride said.

“We knew that we wanted to throw a wedding that allowed our guests to experience what we loved and take them through an amazing musical journey!”

She admitted was a little difficult to come up with an outfit for such a theme, so she thought out of the box and went with something that was “hipster yet bridal or sparkly” to really stand out.



“The next night on the 20th was our Sangeet. For this event I was inspired by the TV-series Reign, and always imagined wearing an outfit that was a cross between Indian and the Renaissance period, so I went for this Indo-European look,” Roshini said.


Couture Ceremony


“Growing up I have always loved the movie Jodha Akbar. Ironically I ended up marrying a Rajput, so I wanted my jewelry and face to be of a Rajpiut bride, hence the nose ring,” the bride admitted.

“Inspired by a Dolce & Gabbana bag, I decided to go with a pinkish nude color base outfit. I thought since it was light, my jewelry would stand out more, as I didn’t want to look too cluttered with jewelry and bold colors.”

Winter Wonderland Reception

wedding reception
wedding reception

“Our reception theme was Winter’s Tale, which was inspired by our winters together in London,” the bride said.

“London has always been my husband and my happy place, so we thought this theme for the reception would be suitable for our happily ever after, and with Christmas just a few days away, it seemed fitting to have Christmas trees, snow flakes and mistletoe to kick-start the festive mood.”

Q: What was the most fun part of wedding planning?

“The most fun part about wedding planning was deciding the menus we were going to have for all our events. We planned the cuisines to compliment the themes of the events and planned special cocktails to match with the themes.

It may not sound too exciting to others but I am a big big foodie at heart. The food tasting sessions were to die for!”

Q: What was the biggest challenge when it came to planning your wedding? How did you tackle it?

“My husband and I were in different countries during the entire planning process, so we definitely found communicating ideas and decision making to be very challenging and time consuming.

We quickly learned that dividing areas of work based on our strengths and interest helped in getting the bulk of the work done.”

Q: What advice would you give to newly engaged couples about wedding planning?

“Wedding planning is a once in a lifetime experience and it gives the engagement period some of its best moments as well as some of its toughest. It truly does test your relationship but once you get past it, there is much more to gain from the rewards as a married couple,” the bride finished.

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