Engagement Rings: Diamonds, Zirconia or Colored Gemstone?

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Engagement Rings: Diamonds, Zirconia or Colored Gemstone?

One of the most incredible feelings in the world comes from the wondrous possibility of spending the rest of your life with the one that you love.

It’s at this point precisely that many people start to consider a proposal and engagement. And, what’s at the forefront of either of these experiences? You guessed it, the engagement ring.

The Wedding Tradition, the Engagement Ring

The engagement ring is not only used in the proposal, it’s used to tell your friends and family, during the wedding ceremony, in the photos, and it’ll probably continue to make appearances for the rest of your married life.

So, it’s easy to see why choosing the right engagement ring is an important decision.

That’s why we’ve lifted the veil on engagement rings. We’ll present to you the statistics and a comparison to help you make one of your first wedding decisions, one of your best.  

Engagement Ring Facts: Your Overview

While engagement rings tend to be one of the most public symbols of an upcoming wedding, the details behind them- like cost- are often very private. Here, we have some facts about engagement rings, to help best guide your purchase.

Did you know?

  • The most popular Engagement month is December (not Valentine’s Day!)
  • If you’re planning on buying a wedding band as well, it’s best to buy them together (for fit, balance, aesthetic, and maybe even a deal!)
  • Despite the common conception that an engagement ring should cost 3 months’ salary, the average cost is actually between $5,800-$8,000US  
  • The most popular engagement ring cuts are Round Cut (~53%) and Princess Cut (~30%)
  • 62% of couples believe the engagement should be a surprise, while 38% want to shop together
  • It takes 3 months on average to make the final choice on engagement ring

Are you looking for a Diamond? A colored Gemstone? Perhaps a Zirconia?

This question in itself is a loaded one. Most people assume that the only option is that of a Diamond. But, take a moment to consider the alternatives and choose the best one for you- you may be surprised at the versatility in budget, aesthetic and style that opens up to you when all three options are on the table.  

Ultimately, you’ll need to weigh the choices for yourself, but we’ve put together this handy chart to make a case for each option.

Get Shopping!

Remember, the engagement ring industry is a big one and you can use that to your advantage.

Beyond expanding your options to include Diamonds, Zirconia and Colored Gemstones, you can also consider trends like the growing popularity of custom engagement rings, an array of engagement ring setting styles and even the possibility of shopping online.  

But, before we go, let’s take a moment for the men!

While the proposal experience is sometimes exclusively catered towards the ladies, women can also opt to commemorate the occasion by gifting their partner with his own engagement ring. Or, if you prefer, get creative with a watch or a cufflink.  


Happy Planning!

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