Deepi Weds Eeshan: From Dance Partners To Life Partners

Deepi Weds Eeshan: From Dance Partners To Life Partners

They say a couple that dances together…stays together! Meet Deepi and Eeshan who tied the knot recently in a traditional Anand Karaj wedding ceremony following a glamorous reception.

Deepi weds Eeshan Wedding Pic

It All Started When…

Deepi weds Eeshan close shot wedding day

The charming duo met at their universities’ bhangra dance group, became friends and fell in love with each other by the last year of school. 

The following 6 years were happy times of both working, dancing and travelling around the world while indulging their unanimous love for food. 

And She Said Yes…

Real Wedding Deepi and Eeshan

During their short trip to the United Kingdom, Eeshan planned an epic proposal for his lady love.

Amidst the spectacular landscapes of Quiraing Walk in Scotland, Deepi received the best surprise of her lifetime and she said yes!!

Planning For The Big Day…

Deepi admired the idea of subtle botanical elements that matched the simplicity of her Gurudwara wedding. Large trees adorned the entrance of the walkway.

The reception theme, on the other hand, was made to emulate a romantic evening at a city park.

A peach and ivory floral theme decor with street lamps, a park bench and lots of greenery created a dramatic city scene that matched the couple’s tastes perfectly.

Deepi weds Eeshan Featured Wedding

Colourful Sangeet Celebrations…

Sangeet ceremony dress Deep Eeshan wedding

From a scripted Harry Potter play to some exhilarating Bollywood numbers, the Sangeet ceremony had some of most wonderful dance performances.

The traditional pink and orange stage decor perfectly complemented bride Deepi’s outfit as she danced with her sister and bridesmaids.

Eeshan also made a quick cameo for one of the dance skits.

The Adorable Ring Bearing Pup

The cute companion of Eeshan and Deepi’s courtship period, Scruffy was the highlight of their wedding functions.

Featured wedding pet Deepi Eeshan

From his reception entrance in a personalised sherwani to #scruffmates, the couple made sure their four-legged family member was always included.

Wild Fusion of Ballroom and Bhangra 

Considering their passion for dance, both bride and groom stole everyone’s hearts with their first dance at the Reception.

By uniting two completely different dance forms into a single piece of art, they showcased their love for each other.

Bridal Wear Inspirations

For the wedding outfit, Deepi primarily looked for embroidery with a purpose instead of an outfit being completely covered in work.

Keeping the red and gold lehenga choli colours traditional, she paired her jewellery with a contrasting pop of green. 

Her blush pink reception gown consisted of long trail that later could be attached to the wrist for hassle-free dancing.

Adding the twist of Indian embroidery to front and back made Deepi’s western dress look absolutely iconic.

Trimming Guest List Can Be Tough

It wasn’t easy for our lovely bride and her family to keep the guest list limited

Also, keeping costs reasonable without compromising quality vendors was a challenge addressed well in time.

A Sweet Surprise…

To start their wedding day on a romantic note, Eeshan wrote a heart-felt message for her wife-to-be. It was filled with the most genuine and loving words.

Tips For Soon-To-Marry Lovebirds…

Deepi advises the couples planning their wedding to start their preparations well ahead of the day.

Being positive and enjoying every moment is the key to making such memories last forever.