Customize Your Bridal Look These 10 Beautiful Dupatta Styles

Customize Your Bridal Look These 10 Beautiful Dupatta Styles

Dupatta styling is a key element to making a bride feel beautiful on her big day. Consider these 10 aesthetic dupatta styles to make you feel more like yourself!

1. One-Sided Dupatta


This is just placing the dupatta over one shoulder. This can be done in two ways; one by pleating it and pinning it over the shoulder or by just pinning the centre of the dupatta on one side and letting it flow over your arm.

2. One-Sided Dupatta With A Twist


To add some twist to this simple style, you can wind the back side of the dupatta over your hand on the same side.

3. Off The Shoulder Wrap


Another modification you can add to the above mentioned style is, instead of winding the dupatta over the hand, you can take it from the back and tie it around the wrist of the opposite hand.

4. Front Tuck


Further alteration to the same style would be tucking the front loose end across your hip on the opposite side. This style is simple yet different and changes the look of the outfit.

5. Keep Away


When you have a heavy lehnga with lots of detailing which you want to show off, then keep the dupatta away from the design; how about just winding it around your neck like in the picture above?

6. Front And Center


A dupatta with a heavy border should be pleated and draped in a way such that, the dupatta remains the centre of attraction.

7. Shoulder Drapery


When you want to draw the attention to the dupatta, you can drape it across both shoulders and leave it flowing. By doing this simple thing, the outfit will look stunning.

8. Traditional Half Saree


Go the traditional way of donning a half saree if you want to balance out the concentration on the dupatta and the lehenga. Moreover the contrasting colour of the dupatta looks stunning in a half saree style.

9. Flowing Pallu


You can even have a flowing pallu in the half saree style like in the picture below.

10. Over The Bun


This manner is amazing, especially if you have a flowy lehenga as shown in the picture. We love the way the dupatta is draped over the head but the ends have been left loose.