Couple Brought Together By Fate Weds In A Luxurious Set Of Events

Couple Brought Together By Fate Weds In A Luxurious Set Of Events

From champagne pourers that hung from the ceiling to a Rolls Royce entrance to a grand east coast reception, this bride and groom were wedded in premier luxury.

Amit and Srishti first met in Toronto, as University classmates. At the time, neither of them anticipated this relationship to turn into forever. After many coincidences and serendipitous moments, they turned this friendship into a lifelong love.

Some of their first encounters were when they sat next to each other for one full year in class. In 2010, Srishti moved to another University, which led the two to part ways. Little did they know what fate had in store for them.

In 2011 they crossed paths on multiple occasions – coffee shops, gym, movie theatre, etc only to realize they’re neighbors.

In 2012, they started working in the same company and reconnected there – destiny just kept bringing them together.

They slowly started realizing the meaning of all these coincidences – from extravagant dates to endless conversations and countless laughs, they found love and became best friends.

In February of 2016, Amit proposed in San Francisco by the Golden Gate Bridge!

Extravagant Ivory Reception

The #AmSrish2017 wedding reception was an array of crystal, ivory and gold decor. The couple arrived together in luxurious Rolls Royce to the grand ballroom where aerial champagne pourers hung from the ceiling.

Srishti donned a couture muave pink gown with sheen floral embellishments and Amit looked suave in a black and white suit and bowtie.

Both the bride and groom were surprised by a surprise performance by the UK-based music producer and singer PBN! This gorgeous wedding is just the beginning of the life they’ll spend together.