Color me Bridesmaid! 10 Color Combinations Your Bridesmaids Will Love

Color me Bridesmaid! 10 Color Combinations Your Bridesmaids Will Love

There are a million things to think about on your special day. Your outfit, the grooms’ outfit, your parents, siblings, bridesmaids, décor…the list never ends!  

But how can you make it all fit, and keep a cohesive theme without going crazy? Color combinations! Contrasting or complementary, choosing a color scheme will help your plans, and where better to start with colors than your main girls – your bridesmaids.

We turned to the customization experts at India Boulevard for inspiration for 10 color combos you and your bridesmaids will love!

Pantone’s Colors of the Year-Rose Quartz & Serenity

The pastel pink and blue are perfect for a spring or summer day. Both colors look amazing together, separately, and with gold or silver complements. An anarkali, sari, lehenga, or even a traditional salwaar suit will ensure your girls are on trend.

Fall colors: Tangerine, Yellow & Orange

Having a fall wedding? Look no further than the color-changing leaves! The brightness of the yellow goes perfectly with the darker orange and lighter tangerine. There isn’t too much difference between orange and tangerine, but the subtle difference in hues creates the perfect autumn color palette!

Royal Hues: Emerald Green & Champagne

You’ll look like a princess, so surround yourself with a royal court. Emerald Green and champagne is such a gorgeous color combination. It screams regal, suits everyone, and looks great with one color stealing the show, or both equally sharing the spotlight.

The brighter, the better: Magenta, Poppy & Yellow

Are you a daring bride? Not afraid of out-of-the-box combinations? Then the magenta, poppy, and yellow combination is perfection. The three shades enhance each other and create a super bright wedding party This combination would look great as a suit where the salwaar, kurta and dupatta are each a different color!

Watermelon Bling: Pink, Green & Gold

Pink and green is already such a great pairing but by adding the gold, it helps the other two colors pop. The combinations are endless. Is it an emerald green with a hot pink, or a baby pink with a true green? Either way, this’ll make your girls look gorgeous.

Classic Elegance: Pink & Cream

It’s a foolproof option that always looks simply beautiful. Cream and pink looks great on everything, in every outfit, with any hairstyle or make-up. It’s like the magic combination, and radiates elegance!

Pastels Galore: Pink & Mint Green

Like the previous pairing, pink and mint green create an elegant outfit. Pink has always been an on-trend color but in the past few years, mint green has made it’s way onto numerous runways, and the two colors together create breathtaking outfits that’ll ensure your girls are the second best-dressed—after you, of course.

Sea to Sky: Buttercup & Limpet Shell

Bring the sea and sky together with this vibrant color pairing. The bright buttercup yellow can easily be mistaken for the sun, while the gorgeous limpet blue is just like the shells you hoped to find at the beach as a kid. Together, they’ll add more joy to your big day!

An edgy affair: Oxblood, Magenta & Silver

If pinks, blues and pastels aren’t for you, then lets move further down the color spectrum to the darker hues. Oxblood, magenta and silver is a fantastic color combination, and perfect for the edgier bride. These colors will help your girls compliment your unique look.

Regal Perfection: Purple & Gold

This is fit for a queen. Since purple only used to be for royalty, it makes sense your regal bridal party would be rocking it. Pairing the purple and gold creates a stunning color scheme combination!

Too many options? Head to India Boulevard to help navigate the endless possibilities, and make sure your bridesmaids look amazing on your big day.