Classic Traditional Indian Wedding In Beautiful British Columbia

Classic Traditional Indian Wedding In Beautiful British Columbia

Aman and Rameeta met at a local nightclub in April 2010. At the time, both of them were happy living their own lives and had no interest towards one another.

The universe had a different plan for them. A mutual friend suggested that they should date but they settled on exchanging BBM Pins. One thing led to another and they fell head over heels for each other. They became so close that not even being in two different town - hundreds of kilometres apart - could weaken their bond.

Aman and Rameeta survived a 5 year long-distance relationship and are ecstatic to start their new life together as a married couple.

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Rameeta shared her wedding experience with Indian Wedding Buzz.

What was the inspiration behind the Indian wedding & reception theme?

The theme was easy because our tastes were similar. We knew we wanted to have two completely different feels to our events.

We wanted to have a traditional Indian wedding and both of us wanted to wear red. My inspiration was to be able to wear my mom’s gold “rani haar” that she received when she married my dad. My mom surprised me by customizing a gold set to the rani haar to complete the full look.

I customized and created both my wedding outfits in Delhi. For reception, I wanted a outfit that I could wear again. Aman was always a fan of black decor so we stuck to a ‘masquerade’ theme with hints of color to compliment our outfits.

What three elements of the wedding were most important to you when you started the planning process?

1 – Date. Selecting a date was the top priority and most important to us as Aman only had a few options for days off. We also wanted to make sure the date we selected was the best option not only for us, but for our loved ones to be able to attend.

Majority of Aman’s family lives in India, England, United States, and Australia. Although I have family that lives abroad as well, the majority lives in BC. However, I come from a family of farmers, and summers are the busiest. The date we selected was the best option as our loved ones ended the summer with a bang! (Fun Fact: Aman and I were stuck between two dates – Sept 2015 (my choice) & May 2016 (his choice). We played “rock, paper, scissors” and I guess you know who won the game!)

2 – Photography & Videography. Our wedding is a big life event for both of us. We are creating memories that will stay in our hearts and minds forever. We knew we had to have incredible teams to capture our memories, so in case we get dementia and forget our wedding, at least we will have the images and videos.

Jesse from JD Photos has captured my brother’s wedding and a lot of family friends weddings. When it came time to book a photographer, my heart was set on Jesse as he is like a family member to my entire family. We knew we could trust him with our wedding events.

As for video, we knew we had to book Sunni from Motion Films as soon as we met him. We knew his personality and creative mind would be the perfect asset to capturing our wedding events.

3 – DJ . Both Aman and I are former Bhangra dancers and both our families and friends love to dance. Therefore, it was very important that we had an amazing show to satisfy everyones dancing needs.

The Aftershock team went above and beyond. They brought the WOW factor to our reception. Everything from the incredible set up to the music was exactly as we imagined. The DJs (Harp, Amit, and Mick) had everyone dancing until 3am.

We received non-stop compliments about the set up and music.

indian wedding
indian wedding

What was the most fun part of wedding planning?

The most fun part of wedding planning was seeing everyone come together and make everything possible. It was an amazing feeling to have all the loved ones involved asking what we wanted as a couple, not doing what they or others wanted. I am truly blessed and grateful for the amazing family I have, including my new family.

What was the biggest challenge when it came to planning your wedding? How did you tackle it?

Our biggest planning challenge was our long distance relationship.

Since Aman resides in the States for school, the time difference, and his busy schedule made it difficult to communicate in a timely manner. What would normally only take a day for most couples, took us a week or more to plan.

Our relationship has been long distance for 5 years, and although it does not affect us when it comes to communicating, it was definitely a challenge trying to plan our biggest milestone.

However, since our planning began 3 years in advance, we had time to plan and it was okay if a task took longer to complete than usual. We would leave each other texts and emails and would reply to one another when we had time available. If it was something urgent, then we would call and make sure it was completed.

The most difficult challenge due to the long distance, was shopping in India. Wedding planning should involve both the groom and the bride, so to have Aman’s opinion was very important to me.

Although men usually do not show their input, I would nag Aman until he told me and we are both grateful for his input.

I wanted to make sure he had input in his attire, his groomsmen attires, and his immediate families attires. It was difficult as most shops in India don’t allow you to take photos. I requested the store manager to send images directly to Aman directly.

Aman was on night shifts during my shopping trip so he was awake when I was out shopping. This made communication a little easier because of the time difference.

What, if anything, was the biggest surprise on your wedding day?

The biggest surprise for me would have to be hearing the band baja playing outside in the gurudwara parking lot. My bridesmaids snuck out to get the 411 on the noise and informed me that Aman was on a horse and his entire family was dancing their way to the front of the gurudwara. My dream was fulfilled and even though I didn’t get to see it happen in person, I am looking forward to the video!

What advice would you give to newly engaged couples about wedding planning?

The main advice Aman and I would like to give newly engaged couples, is to focus and respect each other during the biggest moment of your lives.

Communication plays a key role in any relationship. There will be arguments and you will not agree on everything.

Wedding planning can be very stressful and it’s important to understand that sometimes things will not go the way you want. It’s important to have family meetings (parents and siblings) to discuss feelings and release stress, and trust us this helps a lot!

Appreciate every day during your wedding week, because those are memories you will not be able to recreate again. As a bride myself, I accepted the fact that things will go wrong (and they did) but I didn’t let it phase me because I knew I was marrying my soulmate.