Celebrity Stylist Ambika Pillais Shares Her Top Hair And Makeup Looks, Tips For Brides

Celebrity Stylist Ambika Pillais Shares Her Top Hair And Makeup Looks, Tips For Brides

The name Ambika Pillai is synonymous with beauty in India. Name a celebrity and Ambika has probably styled them! She is a pioneer, an expert of all things beauty-related.

Ambika’s USP is her experience. With over 20 years of doing hair and makeup for brided and celebrities, she is in high demand for top models, designers and magazines.

Once a bride is under my care, she can rest assured that I will give her the perfect look for her special day!”

“I give brides the best of everything: from the moment they step through the doors into my award winning salons, they are attended to by staff who are personally trained by me, who use the best international makeup products and the best facilities.”

Her advice to brides is fundamental:

1. Organize pre-bridal procedures well in advance and do not try any new procedures in the last two weeks before your wedding events begin.

2. Don’t wax your face or full body for the first time in the last two or three weeks before the first wedding event. Instead, schedule relaxing treatments like pedicures and hair care or spa visits.

3. Follow a good skin care regime, as dry skin does not fare well under makeup. Drink plenty of water.

4. Ensure that your outfits, jewelry, shoes and all other accessories are packed and checked well in advance so that nothing is left out on the final day.

“I tell brides to contact me as early as possible so that way, they get the dates and timings that are best suited for their convenience,” she says, as she shares some of her best bridal looks here.

Traditional with a modern twist is achieved with intensely glamorous smokey eyes and soft lips. Sultry eyes with bold lips have the same effect.

Elegant simplicity could include nude skin, soft eyes, and coral lips or also strong eyes with bridal bindis above the brows accentuating the arch.

Strong cheek bones, bold liner, kohl and lashes lend a dark intense frame for the eyes, softened by pink lips. For smokey eyes, consider coral lips that accentuate the bridal glow.

Playful bright eyes and soft red lips or bold eyes with bright lips are always a great combination!

Strong brows, elegant soft eyes with lush lashes and stunning bold red lips are a great contract as is soft contoured skin with glossy lips and matching pretty eyes with strong lashes.

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