Bride Reimagines Her Wedding In The Form Of A Fashion Magazine Spread

Bride Reimagines Her Wedding In The Form Of A Fashion Magazine Spread

Sweethearts Shradha and Keshav married after more than four years of courtship and the photos go to show this mesmerizing couple was meant to be together.

“We met at a common friend’s party during Diwali,” the bride said. “It was completely by chance that we sat together and talked but didn’t exchange any contacts.”

It was sheer destiny that they met again much later. This time though, the groom did not want to miss the opportunity and invited himself to her birthday party.

“We haven’t looked back since and decided to tie the knot four and a half years later,” she said.

The bride was involved in each and every single detail of her wedding day, from the choice of venue, food and dining, to the incredible entertainment, wedding invites and chic decor.

Their wedding festivities included four major events – the Chowki, Engagement, Mehendi and the wedding.

Shradha shared wise words when she said, “There are a lot of chores during wedding planning and it’s normal to feel tense and under pressure. There is a lot of anxiety involved but obviously excitement as well!”

Her aesthetic sense was well matched by her photographer. Both of their visions was to make the wedding album look like an “out-of-the-box wedding shoot.”

“My whole idea was to look glamorous and sassy, chic and classy. We wanted the pictures to look like a fashion magazine spread!”