Bride Designs Her Own Royal Outfit For A Fantastical Fusion Wedding

Bride Designs Her Own Royal Outfit For A Fantastical Fusion Wedding

Mohit and Baban went from not liking each other to falling in love. As their relationship evolved, Mohit knew that Baban was the girl he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

indian wedding

“Mohit knows that I can’t be surprised. So when he planned it, he made sure it was a place I least expected. My home,” the bride recalled.

indian wedding

“He drove me around running his errands and I didn’t realize it was all the places we had initially gone to when we started dating. He kept on bringing up the memories that were attached to those places,” she said.

indian wedding

“Then, his cousin ‘cancelled plans’ so we decided to just join my sisters and brother at my house for pizza and maybe watch a movie.

When I entered the house, the front living room was cleared and ‘Will you marry me’ was written in pink petals. I turned around and Mohit was on his knee.”

indian wedding
indian wedding

Q: What was the inspiration behind the wedding and reception theme?

“We wanted it to be very regal and classy. Everything we did was according to tradition. We also love wearing classic ensembles in our daily lives, so we wanted to resonate that with all of our events,” the bride said.

Q: What three elements of the wedding were most important to you when you started the planning process?

“We are such big foodies. So we hired the best caterers and banquet halls for all of our events. Second, was proper coordination of all the events. Also, we had the best DJ’s in town!”

Q: What was the most fun part of wedding planning?

“It was 6 months of work but the most fun was designing outfits for myself, Mohit, and my family.”

Q: What was the biggest challenge when it came to planning your wedding? How did you tackle it?

“The biggest challenge was trying to fit two cultures and traditions into one wedding and one week!

It was difficult but we had to include everything. In the end, it all worked out because both our families are so open-minded and accepting of each other so we didn’t stress about it too much.”

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Q: What, if anything, was the biggest surprise on your wedding day?

“It would definitely be seeing each other dressed up as bride and groom. We both couldn’t take our eyes off of each other.”

Q: What advice would you give to newly engaged couples about wedding planning?

“I would advise to make this more about your marriage than the wedding itself. I’ve seen and heard of couples getting into fights because of various differences and struggling to plan a wedding together.”

“Work together as partners and plan things out separately and together. Create budgets and work with them. Keep communication open. This is just the beginning of many things!”