Toronto Bride And Groom Host An Unbelievably Exquisite Wedding

Toronto Bride And Groom Host An Unbelievably Exquisite Wedding

Before iPhones and Instagram, online instant messaging dominated social networking. It was through this medium that bride Punit met the love of her life, Gurmakh.

“If my husband didn’t sign online at that exact time, I may not have ever spoken to him or met him!” The bride said.

A mutual friend introduced her to a man pursuing the same University education as she had planned, healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

“We started talking about the pharmacy application process which led into our personal hobbies and interests,” the bride said, “Everything fell into place.”

Love Beyond The Caste System

Both Punit and Gurmakh are strong in their Sikh faith and the values a religious upbringing instilled within them.

“He is the perfect partner for me and a great addition to our family,” said the bride said, “He is intelligent, kind, respectful and believes in god; and most of all, he is a good-hearted individual.”

In terms of their relationship, the bride’s “caste” is Jatt. The groom’s, Saini.

“My parents raised my siblings and I in a world where the caste system did not exist. The first time I found out about the cast system was when I met my husband,” Punit mentioned.

“Some people would be alarmed and even display contempt when realizing that our ‘castes’ were different.”

Nonetheless, neither Punit, Gurmakh nor their immediate families ever let this distinction affect their relationship. The couple’s love transcended any class or caste.

Nautical Ottawa Engagement

As the Eastern Canadian “city of romance,” the couple’s relationship and marriage journey began there.

Gurmakh convinced Punit’s work supervisor to give her time off for a weekend trip with her closest friends. Little did she know that her groom had a romantic boat cruise planned for just the two of them!

“As we walk onto the dock to get to the boat, I see a familiar face standing at the other end of the dock with a bouquet of red roses,” she said.

“My heart started racing, happy tears started rolling down my cheek.”

“As I walked towards him, I started thinking of all the memories we shared and how lucky I was to have met such an amazing and humble man,” the bride said. The proposal was better than she could ever imagine.

Stunning Sabyasachi Ceremony

Though it is common for a bride to have a specific theme for their big day, Punit admitted her wedding vision was all about the outfits. She entrusted her mother Kuljit Sanghera and brother Channan with picking out the right couture pieces in New Delhi, for her Canadian nuptials.

“I love fashion and I love clothes,” she said. “If I could become the next fashion designer I would!”

She rolled up to her morning ceremony in a Rolls-Royce and outfit styled by Sabyasachi. Her husband drove up in a blue Lamborghini also dressed in a Sabyasachi piece.

“The marriage ceremony was beautiful and I can honestly say, it was one of, if not the most goose bump inducing, heart racing, breathtaking days of my life,” said the bride.

Ravishing Reception

“My reception outfit was a gem,” the bride said, “Manish Malhotra’s customer service and unique styling is definitely worth the price tag.”

“His outfits are one of a kind, there is only one outfit that is made and can’t be remade. The outfit was absolutely breathtaking and I really did feel like a celebrity wearing one of his original pieces. Not a single alteration was required!”

Beyond her outfits, Punit reflected on the emotional nature of wedding preparation. “Wedding prep is undeniably bitter sweet,” Punit said. “There is so much to look forward to, but also so much you have to leave behind.”

However, as wedding prep went on and her wedding day got closer, the bride realized that change isn’t always a negative or frightful thing.

She thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of her big day to the fullest, with no regrets, and carried all the love of her family and close friends with her. “Your wedding day really is a day like no other,” she said.

Your closest friends and family come from all over the world to celebrate with you and put their lives on hold.

“If my life is a novel, the spine of the novel of my life is everything I have experienced at this point. My parents, my family, my entire upbringing is that spine, and it covers the binding of the pages,” she wrote in a letter.

“The pages are now simply waiting to be written in as the story of the rest of my life, with my husband.”