Blogger Bride Emits Bollywood Charm In A Kerala Wedding That Feels Straight Out Of A Movie

Blogger Bride Emits Bollywood Charm In A Kerala Wedding That Feels Straight Out Of A Movie

Lifestyle blogger Anjalli and her groom Ajay got married in the bountiful tropics of Kerala in India. Both natives of the state, they held a deeply romantic and traditional ceremony.

The couple, Anjalli who works as a lawyer and entrepreneur Ajay, met at a party a few years back.

“After a lot of chasing and a few Bollywood-style fights and dramatic makeups we decided to tie the knot,” Anjalli explained.

Ajay surprised her with a heart-shaped engagement ring on Valentine’s Day, indicating he wanted to be with her for the rest of his life.

“Our decor was all red and white with crystal lighting on stage,” the bride said. The simple and elegant design allowed the couple to be the central focus of the wedding.

Golden hues radiated from the stage with just enough red blooms to fill the resort with a truly romantic feel.

Bride Worthy Of Bollywood

The bride donned a beautiful train of gajra flowers that decorated swept back braids and a traditional silky green saree with a blue blouse. She layered extravagant gold jewelry onto her wedding outfit.

 “Stay relaxed because on the day of the wedding you’ll just want to get your wedding done,” she advised other brides, explaining that no wedding is perfect.

Romance In The Rain

Famous for its rain, luscious greenery and golden shorelines, Kerala created a dreamy monsoon wedding for the pair. It added an air of intimacy and an ancestral feel to their wedding album.

“It did rain a lot, hence we shot with an umbrella that matched my blouse after the wedding at our resort,” the bride said.

Luckily, the groom surprised Anjalli with a European honeymoon that includes time spent in warm-weathered destinations like Greece and Paris!