Ashley and Sanjeev’s Mexican Beach Wedding

Ashley and Sanjeev’s Mexican Beach Wedding

An introduction by a colleague and conversations on a few chance occasions that followed brought fun-loving Ashley and Sanjeev closer, eventually leading to their lifelong union.

“We met each other doing what we both love…traveling, enjoying good company and doing it with a sense of humor,” says Ashley.

When it came time to propose, Sanjeev roped in his friends to get Ashley thinking she was competing on a Valentines Day episode of an elaborately planned game show recording.

Ashley was filmed answering questions along the streets of downtown Vancouver, until a venue change was announced to pick up Sanjeev. The location was Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge.

Surrounded by lush plantation and beautiful waterfalls, the setting was breathtaking.

“With the camera on us, Sanjeev waited for the perfect time drop down on one knee and ask me to marry him. Without my knowledge, he had already asked my dad for my hand in marriage. I was so surprised. I couldn’t have been happier!”

Their wedding ceremony was inspired by the beach, with the ocean and greenery the focal points – the deep blue and teal colors from the ocean, the purity of the sand and purple from the flowers.

Their reception was simple but elegant with touches of gold and deep purple, a contrast to the teal during the day. “We simply wanted to throw the best party ever!”

The biggest surprise though was on Sanjeev. “The horse he rode in on was massive…we were all expecting a pony!”

Planning a wedding is a group effort, so the most fun part was being able to spend time with friends and cousins. But the biggest challenge was coordinating everyone for the wedding.

With a large group traveling to Mexico from all over Canada and the UK, the couple had to ensure everyone was organized and knew exactly where to go and when.

“We had agendas printed for everyone, itineraries, maps of the venues with labels indicating where each of the events took place, on what day and when. We had team leaders responsible for making sure no one was left behind!”

To top it all, Sanjeev even planned a weekend getaway two weeks prior, to escape all the wedding planning.

“It was perfect, relaxing and fun,” says Ashley. “I recommend every couple take a break just before the wedding to remember why they are getting married!”