9 Do’s And Don’ts When Dressing In Couture For A Multi-Day Wedding

9 Do’s And Don’ts When Dressing In Couture For A Multi-Day Wedding

Saris, suits, lehengas, oh my! The outfit possibilities are endless for a guest at an Indian wedding, but trying to figure out what to wear for a weeklong affair can be overwhelming.

Here are some dos and don’ts to navigate the week:

Do See What’s Trending

Check out local stores, and big designers to see what’s in fashion now, especially if you want to wear something that’s big this season. Following designers like Shyamal and Bhumika, Manish Malhotra, and Anushree Reddy just to name a few, allow you to get a feel for what’s in style this season.

Don’t Be Confused For The Bride Or Groom

We’ve all seen it happen, someone walks in dressed like the bride or groom, when it’s clearly not their wedding. Do not detract from the couple on their special day.

There’s always a way to make an outfit appropriate for your role at the wedding – play around with your jewelry or embroidery for an appropriate style.

Do Stay Comfortable

Weddings are long, so comfort is key. A lighter fabric will help, and since gowns and anarkalis are extremely popular, it’s a great way to be comfy all day.

Plus, with so many fabric and embroidery options, you’ll be sure to find something you’ll love. But you can never go wrong with a salwaar suit, so pick whatever suits you, and your event, the best.

Do Coordinate Outfits With Your Significant Other

Matching or complimentary colors always make for a great picture, especially if you are attending the events with your significant other. It can be as easy as matching a tie, bowtie, or pocket square in the same color family as your outfit.

Do Think About The Event Of The day

Sangeet, mehndi, wedding, cocktail party, reception… it is a lot to think about. But not every event calls for a crazy outfit.

Keep your heaviest, most wow outfits for the wedding and reception as most guests dress up to the nines for these two events.

For The Ladies

Sangeet is a great place to wear basically anything, but a sari, anarkali, or pajama will work best to keep you dancing all night long.

Be careful with your outfit choice at the mehndi ceremony though! If it’s during the day, keep it casual by wearing a dress, or leggings. If it’s an evening affair then a suit or anarkali is a good bet.

For The Men

Formal jeans, dress pants, and nice a polo shirt or button down can go a long way at most events. Save the suits and tuxes for the wedding and reception.

As for suits, the possibilities are endless! Try a fitted suit, pin stripe, or something more classic, in a color and material that makes you feel most comfortable.

Don’t be afraid of going more traditional and wearing a sherwani. It doesn’t need to be bedazzled, but it is a different look, and you will be noticed!

Do Look The Part

Weddings are a happy, joyous occasion, and an invite to one means someone wants to celebrate their special day with you. So do your best to look the part as a wedding guest.

Don’t wear really dark colors or plain whites to a fun wedding. For guys, try a lighter colored suit in the morning; go for a light grey over a dark.

Given the changing trends, dark blues, greys, and blacks work their way into outfits all the time, but make sure the outfit still screams wedding and not the opposite.

Do Remember To Accessorize!

Bindis, tikkas, bangles, ranihaars, and any other type of jewelry you can think of! Make sure to accessorize your outfit, and complete your Bollywood look with élan.

Gentlemen, add a belt, a watch, or a unique pair of cufflinks to bring together your outfits. Accessories are the perfect way to showcase your unique style and add to your outfit overall.

Now go forth and impress at those multi-day weddings you’ve been invited to!