9 Best Wedding Ads That Made Us Laugh, Cry- Or Both!

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9 Best Wedding Ads That Made Us Laugh, Cry- Or Both!

We usually can’t skip ads fast enough. But every once in a while comes along a hilariously witty, undeniably cute, or heart-string-pulling ad that just draws us in (and keeps us there).

And here, we’ve compiled the best in wedding ads that we just couldn’t stop watching. So, put your wedding planning on pause, grab some popcorn and get ready!

#1 The Virushka Magic:          

Cricket champion Virat Kohli and Bollywood beauty Anushka Sharma are undoubtedly one of the hottest couples out there. “Virushka” (their couple nickname) have a huge fan following and this Manyavar ad only made it bigger! Good choice Manvayar, they truly are #couplegoals.

Watch them exchange vows:


#2 Daddy’s Little Girl

A Father is always a daughters first love. This Tanishq ad has beautifully captured the essence of a father-daughter relation. And we’re betting it made a lot of people reach for the tissue box.

Watch the daddy-daughter duo:


#3 Breaking Tradition

It was a surprise when an apparel brand in India challenged the typical arranged marriage stereotype and brought a wave of change in the Indian industry. Biba’s ad went viral among youngsters and was hailed as progressive and gender inclusive.

Watch the revolution:


#4 Daddy, Raising his Daughter

Marriot Hotel came up with this beautiful ad that shows the father-daughter journey from the day she was born.

Watch the love grow:


#5 Your Wedding, Your Choice

Heavy bridal lehengas aren’t for everyone- but they sure seem to be marketed that way. In this ad, Snapdeal reimagines a bride greeting her guests- in casual, comfortable and yet stylish outfits.

Watch the difference:


#6  The Surname Dilemma

A beautiful wedding jewelry advertisement by P.C Chandra shows a Bengali bride marrying a foreigner. The ad has shown the journey of choice to a surname:

Watch her pick a surname:


#7 Breaking stereotypes

Tanishq Again! This ad uses the premise of remarriage as the backdrop for its contemporary range of wedding jewelry. Plus, they broke even more stereotypes by going for a darker-skinned, gorgeous model.

Watch their ideal India:


#8 Sibling Love

Marathe Jewellers chose sibling connection to tell their story. Siblings share a crazy bond that cannot be measured in words and that’s exactly what the ad depicts- showing just the right amount of love, friendship and sass!

Watch sibling love:


#9 Indian Disney

This ad by Disney surely set a  standard for how the boy’s parents should be. Who wouldn’t love a family like this!

Watch them reimagine “the boy’s family”:


How fun was that? We do hope advertising continues with this trend, we’re loving it!

Not only do ads like this capture your attention, but some also highlight important social issues, while others bring a hearty-laugh to your day.


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