8 Reasons To Host Your Grand Wedding In The Enchantment Of Night

8 Reasons To Host Your Grand Wedding In The Enchantment Of Night

Using photos from Pavani and Dhruv's magical Hyderabad wedding in the famed Taj Falaknuma Palace, we explain why an evening wedding is something to seriously consider.

1. The Ambience It Creates

The stars above you, a luxurious dinner by candlelight, not to mention the reflection of the pale moon in the sky, it does not get more romantic than celebrating your future together surrounding by many different forms and colors of light.

2. The Drama It Adds To Your Photos

A rising movement in weddings nowadays, is s push towards drama. Brides are posing with their eyes closed, donning dark-colored lehengas and heirloom jewelry and hosting reception parties with themes that are a bit on the serious side.

3. The Intimacy It Cultivates

Weddings can tend to feel a bit impersonal with large amounts of guests. A wedding in the dark of night removes that obstacle, causing you and your significant other as well as all your guests to huddle together and ultimately be themselves!

4. The Uniqueness Of It

Not many couples are brave enough to break out of the standards wedding norms and do it! And there is nothing more memorable than a wedding that is different, especially in its time of day entirety.

5. A Focus On What Truly Matters

There are much less distractions for you and your guests during the night. Purposefully intimate spaces and sections of lighting can be utilized to place the focus where it needs and deserves to be.

Backlight the stage for performances, add lanterns around the dance floor when its time for your first dance or when you want your guests to get up and bust a move. Use the darkness to your advantage.

6. An Expression Of You As A Couple

Are you both night owls? Or did you have your first kiss, or date at night? Having a wedding in the evening is a heartfelt way to personalize your celebrations and saw something about your life together as a couple.

7. Daytime To Enjoy Your Loved Ones

Go for brunch with your great auntie who flew in just for the occasion. Get your hair and makeup done without a serious time constraint.

Either way, hosting events at night gives you and your groom a lot more time to really enjoy where you are and who you’re with.

8. Theres Always Light Inside!

Most wedding events happen indoors anyways, so don’t be daunted by the time change you set for your ceremonies. Switch it up, give guests the choice of both indoor and outdoor spaces and starry skies as well as charming, well-lit rooms.