8 Key Questions To Ask Yourself Before Booking Your Wedding Venue

8 Key Questions To Ask Yourself Before Booking Your Wedding Venue

Hunting for venues? Before you sign the contract to secure yours, here are eight key questions you and your partner need to ask yourselves.

1. What Season?

In which season are you getting married. Is it winter, summer? If it is a rainy time of year, do consider an indoor venue. If it’s in the summer like most wedding – you can choose either an indoor or outdoor venue.

2. What Time Of Day?

Is it a day wedding or an evening or night wedding? If it is a day wedding, there are more options!

You can also look for outdoors like lawn or poolside venue that will add extra oomph and color around you. If it is a night wedding you need to choose your venue somewhere lights can be set up and provided.

3. Who Is Invited, Where Do They Live?

This is the most important thing to keep in mind while searching for your wedding venue. First, prepare a guest list and estimate roughly the number of guests you will be inviting to your wedding.

Based on that find – decide how large or small the venue is you’ll be looking for. If your guest list is more than 1,00 consider a venue with much larger spaces to ensure there is no guest congestion.

4. Is There Room For Guests?

Check the availability of separate rooms for the bride, groom and all of their guests and relatives. Also check the availability of washrooms when booking your reception space.

5. Will Transportation Have Trouble?

Do look for a good parking space for vehicles coming to the wedding, especially if you’re planning a larger than life entrance on an elephant or boat.

6. What’s Our Budget?

Check whether the cost of the venue fits in the scope of your budget. Do your best to negotiate the prices.

If this does not proves successful, ask the venue representative for some additional services instead.

7. Is Our Location Accessible For Everyone?

Do keep in mind the location of the wedding venue. Is it accessible? It is too remote for older guests or young children to get to? Make sure the space is convenient for those attended, and not just the couple and their wedding party.

8. Time To Finalize!

Once you check with the above details, and you find your perfect wedding venue, its time to book it! Take a written note from the vendor on how the payment is to be done. Ensure you keep the receipt of every payment you’ve made.