8 High Fashion Lehenga Colors That Are Beyond The Bridal Red

8 High Fashion Lehenga Colors That Are Beyond The Bridal Red

Coco Chanel once said that the “The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you”.

Your wedding day is the most significant day of your life and looking your best without compromise is a top priority. Everything from hair and makeup to lehenga color needs to be perfect.

1. Magical Marsala

bridal lehenga

While the year 2015 has been dedicated to the color Marsala, you can use this enchanting color for your wedding lehenga also. It is different from the bold red color, best described as earthy red wine with a tinge of brown to it.

The color looks gorgeous on rich fabrics like silk and adds on to your glamour quotient. Wear it as a monochrome color or pair it with gold or silver, it looks beautiful in all the avatars.

2. Peachy Pink

bridal lehenga

This colour instantly transforms you as a fairy tale bride. For those who detest loud and dark colors, this one seems to be a boon.

This colour not only looks good with the traditional gold and silver but it also looks priceless with darker shades.

3. Trendy Tangerine

bridal lehenga

Another color which can relieve you from wearing red is the one from the orange family. The beauty of this vibrant color is that it can look traditional as well as trendy.

Match it up with dark shade of pink, gold, green, red or even blue; you are surely going to look stunning.

4. Irresistible Indigo

bridal lehenga

If you’re a fan of black but don’t want to wear black for your wedding, check out this colour. Indigo goes with all colours you can think of.

This beautiful melange of deep blue and violet can make any bride look glowing and ravishing. This colour looks its best in velvet fabric.

5. Ingenious Ivory

bridal lehenga

While pure white might be passé, ivory is the new color to look out for. This beautiful combination of cream and brown looks absolutely glorious on all skin types.

This color goes well with contemporary colors like gold. At the same time, its combination with darker shades also works well.

6. Glimmering Grey

bridal lehenga

With slight bias towards fair skin, this color is trendy and scintillating. The steel effect of this color gives a classy look.

If you are planning to wear diamonds or platinum for your wedding, then this is the color for you.

7. Evergreen Emerald

bridal lehenga

Surely, it is difficult to get over this color and its charm can never fade. The beauty of this color named after the precious stone is that you can wear it for all types of occasions.

While heavy work and embroidery looks excellent on this color, the color is truly royal in all cases.

8. Lively Marigold

bridal lehenga

The freshness of this color will make you fall for this every time. This vivacious color adds a zing to your personality. 

So, all the to-be-brides on quest for their wedding lehenga, its time to give the color red a back seat and try these trendy and beautiful colors. Remember, your wedding is not the time to experiment with colors, but don the color suitable to you.