8 Essential Do’s And Don’ts Of Wedding Dress Shopping

8 Essential Do’s And Don’ts Of Wedding Dress Shopping

Here are our top wedding dress shopping Do’s and Don’ts to keep your time in fitting rooms and in stores as fun and successful as possible.

1. Do Your Research

Wedding dress shopping can be overwhelming so it’s important research ahead of time. Look up designers, current trends and get a feel for what you like!

With our booming wedding industry, the possibilities are endless and you don’t want to overwhelm yourself. By doing your research, you will be well-informed to make the right decision for you.

2. Don’t Bring Too Many People

Only bring your closest family and friends that you are comfortable with and that have your best interest in mind. Many people can be too opinionated which can make things more difficult. This is a special time for you so leave the negative Nancys’ at home!

3. Do Focus on Fitting

One of the most important factors to focus on is the silhouette of your wedding dress! You want to be absolutely comfortable on your big day. Try out different styles to see what you like on yourself and what fits you perfectly.

You can even use our online guide to the lehenga style that will best suit your body.

4. Don’t Hold Back

With wedding dress shopping comes a lot of opinions. It is crucial to be completely honest about how you feel though. Don’t get persuaded into buying a dress that you don’t like simply because everyone is telling you to.

This is your dress so don’t hold back on any opinions that you have!

5. Do Establish Your Budget

It’s easy to get carried away when you see so many beautiful outfits and styles so set a budget before you go shopping. Odds are if you know what price point to be in, you will stick to it.

6. Don’t Feel Obligated to Purchase

You’re at a fancy bridal boutique and the kind sale’s associate has been helping you for hours… yet you are not committed. Don’t feel guilty! This happens often and it’s important to remember not to settle. If you are not 100% happy, don’t feel obligated to make a purchase.

7. Do Plan Ahead

While some brides may take as little as a week to find the dress, it can take months for others. Remember to leave enough time for any customization ideas you may have, alterations and fitting appointments.

Giving yourself enough time will let you focus on finding the perfect dress.

8. But Don’t Obsess

Are you the bride that has that one picture saved from a wedding magazine that you found a couple years ago?

Make sure you don’t obsess over a certain designer or style! Try out different types of styles to discover exactly what you want. Many brides have found that the one style they said they wouldn’t do ends up being their favorite.