8 Brides Snuggling With Their Dogs That Will Warm Your Heart

8 Brides Snuggling With Their Dogs That Will Warm Your Heart

Dogs are the pets we consider family... and these selfless brides weren't afraid to show their fluffy family members affection on their big day!

1. All Matchy-Matchy With Her Best Friend

This twirling bride adores her pup so much that she just had to get it an outfit to match. Now that’s love!

2. Bride Lounging With Her Labrador

Sometimes a bride needs a little time to rest before the big ceremony. This bride chose to spend that time petting her sweet little labrador.

3. Bride Leaning In For A Kiss

These two are inseparable. The look this dog has for the bride is one of sheer devotion. She returns the sentiment by leaning in for a kiss.

4. Puppy Love With A Colorful Bride

This scruffy little guy is lucky to be loved so much by the bright and colorful bride. She holds him up high to see his face!

5. Royal Bride And Her Lapdog

All eyes are on the bride, but her eyes are fixed on her pink-skirted friend with a flower in his collar.

6. Bride Who Smiles Because Of Her Pooch

These two have a special connection. There is something unspoken between them as they keep eye contact and tilt their heads closer to one another.

7. Wedding Day Snuggles With The Bride

This bride is all hugs and kisses to her pup on her wedding day.

8. Puppy Sees His Mehndi Portrait